Jan 24

African Adventure from London from £239..

 African Adventure from London from £266..Yesterday we posted some great solution to South East Asia from the UK already for £243. This time we have prepared for you some interesting routings from the UK to various African destinations such as Sudan, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, RSA (Cape Town), Ghana, Rwanda or Uganda. Again the cheapest option is when departing from London but can also fly from Manchester, Birmingham or Edinburgh. Key to reach the cheapest price is to book a multi-stop flights with at least one day layover in Istanbul. At this moment you can fly to Khartoum already £239, Nairobi for £246. Ouagadougou from £258, Kilimanjaro for £277 and more..



If intersted in this Turkish Airlines promotion you will find the cheapest flights between May and June 2017. In some cases thre is limited availability also in March. Max stay 1 month. Valid for bookings made till 31st of January 2017 or until sold out. Please refer to below booking samples from the UK to Africa with multi-stop in Turkey on your outbound flight.


Booking samples with one day stop in Istanbul

London – Sudan from £239

London – Kenya from £246

London – Burkina Faso from £258

London – Tanzania (Kilimanjaro) from £277

London – Uganda from £281

London – Ghana from £300

London – Ghana from £308

London – Republic of South Africa (Cape Town) from £352


Booking sample of cheap flights from London to various destinations in Africa. In this case you would fly from UK to Turkey on 4th of March. You would then move from Istanbul to Khartoum, Sudan on 5th of March. Your return flight from this African country back to Europe would be on 18th of March 2017.

African Adventure from London from £239..