Jan 18

Air France promotional sale 2018: Europe to America, Asia or Africa from £269 or €293!

Air France promotional sale 2017 e.g. Non-stop from Paris to Bangkok €436!

*see UPDATE below* Classic European airlines Air France / KLM have recently released new so called “OH LALA” promotional sale in 2018. This carrier with its HQ in Paris are now offering some attractive deals from Europe to various worldwide destinations. For instance you can fly non-stop from main airports in the UK to New Delhi or Mumbai already for £286Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver from £269 or Tanzania £295! (Including all taxes and fees as well as checked in luggage except deal to Canada). Another interesting solution would be roundtrip tickets to Ghana from £336, Beijing £354. Mexico City already for £360 or rare deal to Réunion from £501..From Italy you can book fairly priced deals to Caribbean (Martinique, Gudeloupe, Cuba) also to South America (Chile, Brazil), South Africa or Johannesburg. We are also adding some great deals from Ireland, Vienna, Sofia and Budapest.



*UPDATE*.: This promotion is now running also from Germany. Book discounted flights by 7th of February. Complete list of deals here.



Germany – Guadeloupe from €357

Germany – Martinique from €358

Germany – New Delhi from €376

Germany – Mumbai from €378

Germany – Kilimanjaro from €446

Germany – Cape Town from €448

Germany – Seychelles from €508


Some of the flights may require airport change in Paris. Transfer costs should be already covered in your fare. This latest Air France promotional sale is valid for bookings made till 15th of January 2018. In general look for flights from January to end of June of end of August to November 2018. However may vary by each of the routing. (e.g. deals to Bangkok are available only from April to June as it is out of main tourist season). Below you will find booking samples based on various agents. You can also book this deal with Air France.




Booking samples  *Fares to destinations in USA / Canada do not include checked bag

United Kingdom List of discounted flights

UK – New Delhi, India from £286

UK – Mumbai, India from £290

UK – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from £295

UK – Nairobi, Kenya from £332

UK – Accra, Ghana from £336

UK – Beijing, China from £354

UK – Bangkok from £378

UK – Saint Denis, Réunion from £501

UK – Toronto, Canada from £269

UK – Montreal, Canada from £269

UK – Vancouver, Canada from £291

UK – Mexico City from £360



Ireland List of discounted flights

Flights from Ireland to North America are inclusive of 23kg checked bag

Dublin – New York from €316

Dublin – Boston from €306

Dublin – Los Angeles from €342

Dublin – New Delhi from €384

Dublin – Johannesburg from €395

Shannon – New York from €295

Shannon – Boston from €293

Shannon – Los Angeles from €337



ItalyList of discounted flights

Italy – Johannesburg, South Africa from €361

Italy – Guadeloupe from €393

Italy – Singapore from €394

Italy – Martinique from €402

Italy – Havana, Cuba from €418

Italy – Panama from €443

Italy – Chile from €460

Italy, Sao Paulo from €461

Italy – Rio de Janeiro from €464



AustriaList of discounted flights

Vienna – Guangzhou, China from €355

Vienna – New Delhi from €365

Vienna – Mumbai from €376

Vienna – Singapore from €377

Vienna – Johannesburg from €381

Vienna – Zanzibar from €382

Vienna – Bogotá from €406

Vienna – Cartagena from €445



HungaryList of discounted flights

Budapest – Tokyo from €368

Budapest – Maldives from €405

Budapest – Martinique from €423



Bulgaria – List of discounted flights

Sofia – Guangzhou, China from €333

Sofia – New Delhi from €352

Sofia – Singapore from €353

Sofia – Johannesburg from €384

Sofia – Bogota, Colombia from €473


Booking sample of current Air France promotional sale 2018: UK to Canada, India, Tanzania etc. from £269! In this case you would be flying from France to USA on 2nd of March. Your return flight from North America back to Europe would be on 17th of March 2018.Air France promotional sale 2018: UK to Canada, India, Tanzania etc. from £269!