Jun 17

Cheap air tickets to Philippines and Indonesia €381

Cheap air tickets to Philippines and IndonesiaAnother tip for cheap air tickets based on promo rates with Saudi Arabian Airlines besides the cheap flight to Dhaka we have informed you about yesterday already are cheap flights from Italy to Philippines (Manila) or Indonesia (Jakarta) starting at awesome €381.





To book the flights please visit www.expedia.it

Travel period January – March 2014, check-in luggage up to 23kg. Cheap tickets is possible to book with departure ex Rome to destination city and with return either to Rome or Milano.

Both Manila and Jakarta are cheap destinations with butget accomodation starting from few Euros.

Once you book cheap air tickets either to Philippines or Indonesia:

Top things to do in the Philippines

An archipelago of 7,107 unique islands, home to volcanoes, tropical rainforest, paradise beaches, UNESCO World Heritage rice terraces, Spanish colonial architecture, vibrant festivals, a great music scene and some of the best diving in the world…


The Philippines capital Manila is a city which actually comprises five cities – yes it is that big! First time visitors to the city may find the busy mish-mash of congested streets clogged with traffic a little hard to handle, but like all Asian metropolis’, you just need to explore deeper below the surface. Intramuros (meaning Inside of the walls) is the Old Spanish Quarter where you can visit such landmarks as Fort Santiago and Cathedral Manila for a glimpse into the Philippines’ fascinating colonial history. Wandering around or taking a horse and carriage through the cobbled streets will make you feel like you have entered an ancient world. Take a tour with Carlos, the famous Filipino actor-turned-tour guide for a quirky and passionate take on Manila’s cultural gems.

Beach bumming at Borocay Island

You’ve heard rumours about it and had seen photos in guidebooks, yet the island of Boracay’s ‘White Beach’ really has to be seen to be believed. With sand like white powder meeting pale turquoise water, the beach is a postcard picture of perfection – 4km long! Although the beach is no secret (there’s even a Starbucks on the beach front!) you can still find a quiet spot of sand for some serious sunbathing and then later watching an incredible sunset, cocktail in hand overlooking the famous Willy’s rock. On the other side of the island, the Kitesurfing Mecca of Bulabog Beach has a completely different feel. At any time of day, the sea swarms with darting kite surfing enthusiasts, their colourful sails gliding through the hot air. With international restaurants of every kind, gorgeous beaches and a wicked nightlife, it’s easy to see why Boracay is a world-class holiday destination…

The mystical island of Siquijor

The mystical island of Siquijor in the Visayas region of the Philippines has long been famous for shamanism, sorcerers and witchcraft. With rumours of healing potions, magic herbs, black magic, ancient rituals and the spirits of the dead being conjured in the mountains and caves of the island, visitors have been both afraid and intrigued by the island over the years. A documentary film called “Shamans of Siquijor: The Healers” was created in 2000 portraying three healers who believed they could cure any illness of man. It is indeed a fascinating topic, but residents of Siquijor say ‘be careful’. There are both good and evil sorcerers and whether you be skeptical or not, locals advise that it is best not to dabble in the mysterious art of black magic if you do not understand. To this day, people from surrounding islands have been said to visit the island of Siquijor to find a shaman who will be paid a sum of money to avenge real world issues such as adultery, theft and other disputes. Stories of curses, unexplained deaths and injuries have been known to occur…


Top things to do once you book the cheap flights to Indonesia:


Gili Islands

Just off the northwestern tip of Lombok are these three irresistible islands with deep-water coral reefs, beachfront bungalows, miles of white sand beach and bucketfuls of serenity. If it’s all too quiet for you, all-night dance parties are not far away.


Prambanan Temple Complex

The Prambanan Temples form the largest temple complex on the Indonesian island of Java. Constructed around AD 900, the compound was deserted soon after it was completed, possibly due to the eruption of nearby Mount Merapi. The temples were restored in 1953 and now form one of the world’s great Hindu shrines. There are 224 temples in total, but the site is dominated by the imposing figures of the three main temples: the Brahma Temple, the Vishnu Temple and the Shiva Temple. From May to October, the Ramayana Ballet, a traditional Indonesian dance based on the Hindu epic, is performed at the open-air theatre.



The best surf spots are in Bali, Flores, Java, Lombok, Sumatra, Sumba and Sumbawa. Some well-known surfing beaches, such as Ulu Watu on Bali, tend to get overcrowded, and are for very experienced surfers, but organised trips to isolated areas are widely available.


Trek up an active volcano: on Java island, hike Mount Bromo, (the most visited of Indonesia’s volcanoes) and Kawah Ijen crater lake. Take a boat trip to view Krakatoa located between Java and Sumatra. Dormant volcanoes include Gunung Agung in Bali, Gunung Rinjani on Lombok island and Keli Mutu on Nusa Tenggara Barat, which has lakes with different coloured waters.