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Cheap flights to French Guiana in South America from €412!

Cheap flights to French Guiana in South America from €429!A bit more experienced travellers may consider promotional offer of carrier Air Caraibes offering very cheap flights to Cayenne, capital and the largest city of South American French Guiana. (French overseas territory). Considering usual rate ex major European airports goes for €700 and up this is great solution for vast travellers in Europe. If you are looking for unusual destination in South America you may consider this offer from Paris Orly – roundtrip flights are available from €412. All taxes are included in this fare. Note that the cheapest tariff does not include checked bag. (Available for additional €30 – choose tariff smart at time of booking).



French Guiana offers one of the highest qualities of life in South America, due to its colonial status within the French Empire. It is the only country in the entire Americas in which the Euro is used as currency. Currently running promotion of Air France allows to purchase tickets at this low fare level when travelling from now till 28th of June 2018. (Latest date of your inbound flight from South America).  As per Air Caraibes promotional conditions this deal is valid for bookings made till 8th of January.


If interested you can easily compare travel dates here directly at the website of the carrier. Max length of stay is one month and checked in luggage up to 23kgs is included in base fare. Need an accommodation in Cayenne, South America, consider currently valid promo code with Hotels.com,


Booking samples

Paris Orly – Cayenne from €412


Before you book please consider the travel dates of your trip. French Guiana is a tropical country with a serious rainy season. The best season to visit is from July to December which is considered as dry period. Thanks to Paris is connected by many low-cost airlines with other European cities this is quite amazing promotion. The quickest way to compare your connection flights between your home city and Paris is through Skyscanner. Last but not least we should mention that these are in most of the cases direct flights between Paris and French Guiana..


Booking sample of a roundtrip flight to French Guiana for €412. In this case you would be flying from Paris to Cayenne on 11th of May. Return flight from South America back to Europe would be on 25th of May 2018.

Cheap flights to French Guiana in South America from €412!