Dec 19

Cheap flights from Europe to Myanmar from Ł469 (€555)!

Apart of super cheap flights to Australia we have informed you about lately you may use the service of China Southern Airlines and KLM to Myanmar! Both of the airlines are ranked by 4 stars according to SKYTRAX so the comford during your flight is guaranteed. Currently you may book the cheapest flights when departing from UK – either London or Manchester. Air tickets are available from quite amazing Ł469 (€555)! Another promotional flight solutions are when departing from Germany or Belgium..


The cheapest flights available based on this promotion are by well €200 cheaper than usual price to this destination. If you can stand a bit longer “transit time” of the whole flight this is an excelent opportunity to visit this unique country. Myanmar is indeed one of the best choises when going to South East Asia offering pristine beaches not yet touched by classic tourism as well as incredible sighseeing and nature.

Samples of a flight bookings below:

sample booking with Ebookers on connection London – Yangon for Ł469 here. You may also look for the flights ex Manchester for similar price.

In case of you are looking for departures from Belgium you may check here. (Flights are available for €627 when departing from Brussels)

In case of departure from Germany you may book the cheapest flights to Burma for €630. At this rate level you may depart from Munich. Booking sample Munich – Yangon available here.

Some of the flights have longer stop-over in China. Take the advantage of the layover and visit another city on your way since China allows to obtain free tourist visa up to 72h!


How to book:

Booking is possible through booking agent Ebookers (UK, DE or AT). Once you fill out your connection legs and travel dates you have to also choose certain airlines as per below recipe. Only then you will be able to see the cheapest flights based on service of China Southern Airline and KLM.


Travel period – current tariff of China Southern Airlines / KLM allows to purchase the flights till the end of June 2014. It is recommended to use “+-3 days” search button when looking up the flights through Ebookers.


Booking sample of a flight departing from London on 4th of March and returning from Asia on 24th of March 2014 below: