Dec 15

Cheap flights from Europe to New York from €254, Los Angeles €330!

Here is another interesting deals to those willing to visit either New York or sunny California! Low-cost carrier Norwegian, also offering their long haul service, allows to book some very cheap flights from Europe to USA! The cheapest flights to New York are possible to book when departing from Oslo, Norway. Air tickets are available from amazing €254! In case of departure from Copenhagen, Denmark you may find few travel possibilities to book the flights to New York for €326 and to Los Angeles for just €330!


However, if you want to travel with Norwegian, chosen as the best low-cost carrier in Europe for 2013, you would have to be a bit modest. Apart of classic airlines there is only hand luggage up to 10kg included in basic fare. On the other hand you may purchase Norwegian set that includes food & drink, checked in luggage up to20kgs and seat reservation. All this in on package will cost you just €50. Considering free wi-fi connection during entire flight this is still making pretty amazing price to USA which is one of the most demanding world destinations.

Flights from Oslo to New York – you may find pretty lots of travel possibilities till June 2014.

Flights from Copenhagen to New York – the cheapest flights is possible to find till the end of March 2014.

Flights from Copenhagen to Los Angeles – the cheapest flights to California are available till the end of March 2014. Till the end of May and from September 2014 you may book the flights for still interesting €402

 *UPDATE* – You may also find very cheap flights to New York when departing from Stockholm, if that would be easier to access by low-cost carriers from your origin city. Air tickets is possible to purchase from €282. The cheapest flights are possible to find till March 2014.

Booking: In case of interest please feel free to visit Norwegian web site to book the tickets directly with the carrier.

Booking sample to USA with departing on 21st of January from Oslo and returning back from New York on 31sto f January 2014 below: