Dec 06

Cheap flights to Lake Baikal from Germany from €382 (summer 2015!)

Cheap flights to Lake Baikal from Germany from €403!*see UPDATE below* If you are flexible enough and can plan your trip in advance you may visit incredible Lake Baikal during short main tourist season. Lake Baikal, the world´s oldest and deepest freshwater lake and its surrounding area (with possible trip to Mongolia) is possible to explore thanks to Russian flag carrier Aeroflot or based on service of Lufthansa and their parter S7 Airlines. Roundtrip flights from Germany are available already from €406! To book the cheapest flights to Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude you have to look for departures from Berlin or for a bit higher fare also ex Frankfurt.



*UPDATE* – This fare is now even cheaper! In addition if you want to visit surrounding area around Lake Baikal during short peak season in summer you may consider even cheaper solution when booking your flight to Barnaul. Return flights from Germany are now available from €362!


Booking samples

Germany – Barnaul for €362

Germany – Ulan Ude for €382

Germany – Irkutsk for €440


Lake Baikal is the most famoust natural sight in Russia, an unique place to visit for all that are looking for amazing virgin nature rather than classic beach holidays. More than 300 streams and rivers flow into Lake Baikal, but there is just one outlet, the Angara. More than half the species found in Lake Baikal are unique to this place. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which low-cost airline is connected from your hometown.


Booking samples

Berlin – Ulan-Ude for €406   (based on service of Aeroflot)

Frankfurt – Irkutsk for €440  (based on service of Lufthansa/S7 Airlines)


If you are interested in this promotional deal please look for travel dates between June and September 2015. (in case of Aeroflot you may book the flights for this great airfare already from April 2015).


Booking sample of a roundtrip flight from Germany to lake Baikal in main tourist season 2015 for €362 below. In this case you would be departing from Berlin to Barnaul on 11th of July and returning back from Russia to Germany on 26th of July 2015.

Cheap flights to Lake Baikal from Germany from €382 (summer 2015!)