Sep 15

Cheap multi-city flights to Iceland & Colorado from £342/€392!

Cheap multi-city flights to Iceland & Colorado from £317/€430!

Icelandair is running some great promotional sale on a flights to Colorado during winter season 2015/2016. If you are lover of a winter sports you may visit slopes of Rocky Mountains. On your way you have also great opportunity to explore beautiful Iceland. The cheapest multi-city flights to Iceland & Colorado are available when departing from main airports in UK or Scandinavia. Multi-city tickets are now starting at £342 or €392! This is for a round trip flight including all taxes as well as checked in luggage (up to 23kgs). We are also adding booking sample of classic return flights from Scandinavia to Denver (Colorado) now available from just €368..



Please look for flights departing from UK (London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham) or Scandinavia (Oslo, Copenhagen)., If interested in this Icelandair promotional sale please look for flights between 23rd of October till 15th of December and 8th of January till 31st of March 2016. All travel must be completed by midnight 1st of April 2016.


Booking samples

Europe – New York +Iceland from £299/€359


London / Manchester  –  Iceland – Denver – UK for £342

Oslo – Denver – UK from £300


Frankfurt / Munich – Denver – Germany from €515

Frankfurt / Munich – Iceland – Denver – Germany from €539


Oslo/Copenhagen – Iceland – Denver – Scandinavia from €392

Oslo/Copenhagen – Denver from €368


To check your connection possibilities from your hometown we recommend to use Skyscanner tool. If you want to book your hotel in advance you may consider hotel booking agents such as Hotelopia. They are now also offering 6% promotional code for additional discount off hotel rooms. More details to be found here.


Booking sample of cheap multi-city flights to Iceland & Colorado from £342/€392 below. In this case you would be departing from London to Iceland on 27th of February 2016. You would then fly from Reykjavik to Denver, Colorado on 5th of March. Finally you would be returning from North America back to UK on 12th of March 2016. Icelandair promotion to USA and Iceland offers great solution to visit these beautiful places during winter 2015/2016 which is also off main tourist season.