Jul 28

Cheap multi-city flights to New York & Iceland from €294 or £297!

Cheap multi-city flights to New York & Iceland from €374 / £321!Based on new promotional deal of Icelandair you may consider to visit two amazing places during your journey. Explore beautiful Iceland that has lot of to offer even during winter then head to megacity New York, one of the most demanding destinations. Currently you may consider to book cheap multi-city flights to New York & Iceland from €294 or £307! If interested int this promotional sale please look for flights departing from Stockholm, Oslo, CopenhagenParisBenelux, Germany, (Frankfurt, Munich) or UK (Manchester, London, Birmingham, Glasgow). This is fare for a return ticket includes all charges and fees as well as checked in luggage..(Icelandair offers generous 2x23kgs checked baggage to destinations in North America).



Promotional tariff of Icelandair allows to book these multi-city flights to New York and Iceland at once between 20th of October and 15th of December 2016 and 6th of January till 31st of March 2017. (latest date of your return flight from New York back to Europe has to be 1st of April 2017). Book by 12 a.m. on 29th of July 2016. Max lenght of stop-over in Iceland is 7 days. More details of this Icelandair offer here. If you need to look up some routing please contact us via our Facebook page.


Booking samples of cheap multi-city flights to New York & Iceland  with Icelandair

London – Reykjavik – New York – London for £297

Glasgow- Reykjavik – New York – Glasgow from £297

Birmingham – Reykjavik – New York – Birmingham from £301

Manchester – Reykjavik – New York – Manchester for £328


Amsterdam – New York – Reykjavik – Amsterdam for €411

Brussels – New York – Iceland –  Brussels for €442


Munich – Reykjavik – New York – Munich for €386

Frankfurt – Reykjavik – New York – Frankfurt for €402


Paris – Iceland – New York – Paris from €393


Oslo – Reykjavik – New York – Oslo from €294

Stockholm / Copenhagen – Reykjavik – New York – Stockholm / Copenhagen from €352


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Booking sample of cheap multi-city flights to New York & Iceland from €294 / £307! In this case you would be departing from Oslo to Reykjavik on 21st of January. After you explore Iceland you would be heading to New York and your flight would take place on 26th of January 2017. Your return flight from USA back to Europe would be on 10th of February 2017.

Cheap multi-city flights to New York & Iceland from €294 or £307!