Dec 10

Cheap open-jaw flights to New Caledonia from Europe from Ł874 (€1042)!

Lately, we have informed you about some dream exotic destinations when departing from Central Europe to Guam in Micronesia. This entry is about one more luxurous destinaton for travellers seeking for the most exotic destinations based on current offer of Finnair. In cooperation with Aircalin they offer cheap open-jaw flights from Europe to New Caledonia. “Cheap air ticket” is relative term in this case as the flights are available from Ł874 (€1042). On the other hand considering that New Caledonia is located in remoted Oceania and that usually air tickets from Europe are available from €1400 and above this is still quite nice deal we wanted to share with you..



New Caledonia is overseas territory of France and is located about 1200kms east of Australia. Thanks to the distant location New Caledonia has unique fauna and flora since it was derived from species isolated in the region during the evolution. It has the richest diversity in the world per square meter.

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 Booking period: Air tickets is possible to book till the end of October 2014. You may find these open-jaw air tickets at this rate level during almost entire validity of this tariff with Finnair.

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Top things to do in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is one of the most unique and interesting places to visit in Oceania. If you are looking for a warm tropical climate with fabulous beaches and islands to explore with unique fauna and flora you will find it there. Still, probably because of the remote access New Caledonia remains largely undiscovered by tourists. Most of the travellers are coming from France.

Noumea, the capital city, is by far the most visited tourist destination. Two thirds of New Caledonians live there and it is a lively place, with nice beaches, a selection of resorts and hotels and many quality restaurants. If you were to go no further than Noumea you could still be assured of a great holiday

The next most visited part of New Caledonia is the Isle of Pines. This is a tropical island dream with stunning beaches and warm waters. And the best part – there’s virtually nobody there! Although there are a few places to stay and a small population, if it’s isolation you are after, the Isle of Pines is a great choice.

This diverse province encompasses the northern half of Main Island (La Grande Terre). The west coast is a stock farming region with wide open spaces overlooked by mountains bearing the signs of mining. The northern coastline is rugged but softened with lovely beaches near Poum, Malabou and the Bay of Pam. On the more tropical east coast a major attraction is Hienghène with its beautiful bay, cultural centre and fascinating rock formations. Churches, caves, abandoned mines and the longest river in New Caledonia are other highlights in the Northern Province.

Last but not least, New Caledonia is considered one of the best scubadiving locations in the Pacific, and snorkelling is also excellent.