Dec 19

Cheap return and open-jaw flights to USA from €312/£261!

Cheap return and open-jaw flights to USA from €321/£261!Oneworld airlines are matching the deal with KLM / Air France on a flights from Europe to various US cities. Fly with American Airlines / British Airways to America already for €312/£261! This time we have great solution not just for those of you looking for straight way to final destination but also those that are fans of an open jaw tickets. Book your round trip as well as open jaw flights to cities such as San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York or Washington. The cheapest option is when departing from Ireland (Cork or Dublin), Italy or Benelux. With our open jaw tickets option you may also return back to UK (Manchester, Edinburgh, London) or main airports in Germany.


This British Airways promotional deal is valid for open jaw tickets booked travel period between 7th of January and 22nd of March and 1st of April till 22nd of June 2016. This is based on date of your outbound flight to USA. Max stay 3 months. Booking is valid only today 19th of December 2015. ck your connection possibilities we recommend to use Skyscanner.


Before you book: Although the flights with British Airways are routed via London it is not possible to skip first leg Europe-London otherwise your flight would be voided without reimbursement. On your return flight you may consider to end your journey in London and not continue to final destination however we recommend this option only when you travel with no checked in luggage. (hand luggage only). Some of the flights may contain airport change in London on your return flight (i.e. round trip flights from Dublin to San Francisco). This is another solution how to end your journey in London..


Booking samples


Dublin – San Francisco and Seattle – UK from £261

Dublin / Cork – San Francisco from €312  (or €325 without airport change in London)

Italy – San Francisco from €374

Brussels – San Francisco from €406

Luxembourg – San Francisco from €343

Luxembourg – San Francisco – Germany from €355



Dublin – Miami and Orlandon – UK from £257

Dublin – Miami from €312

Italy – Miami from €367

Luxembourg – Miami from €353

Brussels – Miami from €399



Dublin – Denver – Germany from €324

Dublin – Denver from €312

Italy – Denver from €374

Brussels – Denver from €411

Luxembourg – Denver – Germany from €361



Dublin – Washington from €312

Brussels – Washington from €408

Luxembourg – Washington from €366

Italy – Washington from €374


Houston / Dallas

Dublin – Houston / Dallas from €312

Brussels – Houston / Dallas from €403

Luxembourg – Houston / Dallas from €353

Italy – Houston / Dallas from €373



Dublin – Phoenix from €312

Luxembourg – Phoenix from €353

Brussels – Phoenix from €403

Italy – Phoenix from €373


New York

UK – New York from £220

Luxembourg – New York – Germany from €315


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Booking sample with British Airways.: cheap return and open-jaw flights to USA from €312/£261! In this case you would be departing from Dublin to San Francisco on 22nd of February 2016. You will be returning back from California to Ireland (via London) on 12th of March 2016.

 Cheap return and open-jaw flights to USA from €321/£261!