Aug 12

Cheap return flights to Central America from Germany from €431!

Cheap return flights to Central America from Germany from €431!

Air France and their partners offer very attractive fare to countries of Central America when departing from Germany. You may decide to fly to countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica or Panama. To book the cheapest flights available you have to look for return flights to San Jose in Costa Rica or Guatemala when departing from Stuttgart or Dusseldorf. For a slightly higher fare you may however decide to fly from other main airports in Germany such as Frankfurt. For a limited travel options you may book such a flights already for €434!



While this promotional tariff of Air France allows to book the flights in travel period till 8th of December 2014 we have managed to find the cheapest fligths within September and October 2014. (based on date of your outbound flight to Central America).


Booking samples

Stuttgart – Costa Rica for €431

Dusselforf – Costa Rica for €434

Stuttgart – Guatemala for €436

Dusselforf – Guatemala for €439

Germany – Panama for €505

Dusseldorf – Costa Rica and Guatemala – Dusseldorf for €452



Dusseldorf – Roatan for €546  (based on American Airlines)


To check your connection possibilities we recommend to use service of Skyscanner. This tool gives you quickly an idea which airlines are available from your home town.


Booking sample of cheap flights to Central America from Germany for €434. In this case you would be departing from Dusseldorf to Costa Rica on 10th of September. Your return flight from San Jose back to Germany would take place on 24th of September 2014.

Cheap return flights to Central America from Germany from €431!