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Cheap return flights from Amsterdam to Chile from €448!

Cheap return flights from Amsterdam to Chile from €448!Based on various airlines you may consider to book cheap return flights from Amsterdam to Chile. Either with LAN/TAM or Air Canada you may visit Santiago de Chile,capital of this South American country with the lowest crime level in Latin America. Return tickets are now starting from €448..This fare includes all taxes and fees as well as checked in luggage. Hurry up if you want to book this great deal to Chile as only few travel options are available at the cheapest fare available…



In case of booking your ticket to Chile you may book the flights in limited quantity in travel period between January and June 2016. Since there are plenty of options how to reach Amsterdam for very low fare this is an interesting option for many travelers within Europe. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which airlines are available from your hometown.


Before you book.: As a glitch in a booking system we consider this offer as a possible error fare deal. In such case we strongly recommend to not book your accommodation nor connection flight before you receive formal booking confirmation.


Booking samples

Amsterdam – Chile from €448

Amsterdam – Bolivia from €689


Travel date samples

21. – 31.1.2016

12. – 26.2.

15.2. – 1.3.

7. – 21.3.

8. – 24.4.

12. – 28.4.

23.4. – 9.5.


Booking sample of cheap return flights from Amsterdam to Chile from €448! In this case you would be departing from Amsterdam to Santiago de Chile on 12th of April. Return flight from South America to Europe is on 28th of April 2016. Again as those are most likely error fare flights we recommend to wait till you receive formal confirmation before you take any further action..

Cheap return flights from Amsterdam to Chile from €448!