Aug 23

Cheap return flights from Europe to Iceland from €110!

Cheap return flights from Europe to Iceland from €89!

Some interesting options are available visit incredible Iceland. This includes some interesting options also at the end of summer holidays. Country with its unique landscape offering from spotting volcanoes, waterfalls to whale watching and discovering incredible Geysir (this is actually where word “Geyser”came from). We based this deal either on WOW Air airlines. Look for flights departing from the UK, Paris, Germany, Copenhagen, Milan, Amsterdam, Stockholm or Dublin. Cheap return flights from Europe to Iceland are now available already for €110. This includes all charges and fees. Note that in case of WOWair only hand luggage (up to 5kgs) is included in base fare though..



If you consider this deal to visit “the land of ice & fire” please note that in both cases you may find limited travel options when travelling till December 2016. As mentioned if you are flexible enough you may fly to Iceland also at the end of August, (See our booking sample but it also depends on chosen routing). To check travel dates its easiest to track directly through the website of the airlines. You may then search and compare for the lowest offer available. Please refer to below booking sample to Iceland from each of the origins.


Booking samples

London – Iceland from £65

Bristol – Iceland from £77

Edinburgh – Iceland from £90

Paris – Iceland from €110

Dusseldorf – Iceland from €110

Berlin – Iceland from €115

Copenhagen – Iceland from €119

Milan – Iceland from €121

Amsterdam – Iceland from €126

Stockholm – Iceland from €130

Dublin – Iceland from €151


IBooking sample of cheap return flights from Europe to Iceland from €110! In this case you would be departing from Paris to Reykjavik on 28th of August 2016. You return flight from Iceland back to Norway would be two weeks later, on 8th of September 2016.

Cheap return flights from Europe to Iceland from €110!