Dec 08

Cheap return flights to Shanghai from Germany €381! (last-minute)

Cheap return flights to Shanghai from Germany €381! (last-minute)Flexible travellers that are up for some spontaneous trip to China may consider this attractive deal with premium airline Etihad Airways. Based on their service you may currently book kind of last minute return flights to Shanghai when departing from Germany. Roundtrip flights from Frankfurt to China are now available already for €381 incuding all taxes and fees..



To book the cheapest fare to Shanghai available you have to look for flights returning from China back to Germany latest on 29th of December 2014. Currently plenty of travel options are available. To check your connerction possibilities we recommend to use Skyscanner tool.  


Booking samples

DE  –  Frankfurt – Shanghai for €381

DE  –  Frankfurt – Shanghai for €410   (directly with Etihad Airways)


EN  –  Frankfurt – Shanghai for Ł317

EN  –  Frankfurt – Shanghai for Ł323/€410  (directly with Etihad Airways)


To compare some affordable accomodation in Shanghai you may use this tool. Double room is now available already for €7 per night. Upon arrival in China you may consider to use advantage of free 72h visa and discover Shanghai and its surrounding area without need of the visa. You may then consider to fly awai with low cost airlines such as Air Asia offering cheap solution to most of the main cities in Asia.


Booking sample of cheap return flights to Shanghai from Germany for €381. In this case you would be departing from Frankfurt to China on 16th of December. Your return flight from Shanghai back to Germany would be on 24th of Decemberr 2014.

Cheap return flights to Shanghai from Germany €381! (last-minute)