Sep 02

Etihad Airways promo sale: Germany to Sri Lanka €358, Italy to Indonesia €359, UK to Perth £450!

Etihad Airways global promo sale - up to 40% discount!Etihad Airways, with its HQ in Abu Dhabi, UAE, are running new global sale promotion in 2016! This time they offer discounted flights when departing from main European markets such as UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Croatia, France, Italy or Spain. Althought they commenced operations in November 2003 they already belong to one of the most respectful airlines offering premium service to over 120 World destinations. Consider to use their luxurious on-board service for affordable fare with this currently running Etihad Airways global promo sale in 2016. As per our below booking sample you may book round trip flights UK to Perth already for £450, Vietnam from £359 or beautiful Seychelles from £490. From Serbia there is another set of great fares.: Hong Kong €329, Phuket €341 or SIngapore €366. From Italy you can visit Indonesia already for €359..



*UPDATE*.: This global sale (no chosen markets) has been extended till 9th of September! In addition this offer is now live for markets in Italy (running till 13th of Sept.)  and France (11th of Sept).  Check our updated booking samples below…


This Etihad AIrways global promo sale is running till 5th of September 2016. Travel dates from 18th of September 2016 till 30th of June 2017. Max stay 1 month. Discounted flights are valid for Economy as well as Business class. You may consider to fly from European cities such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Barcelona or Madrid.


To check complete list of promotional deals from each of European countries or to read full conditions of this Etihad Airways promotion please follow one of below links. Look for section “THE ETIHAD GLOBAL SALE UP TO 50% OFF”.


List of deals from the UK

List of deals from Ireland

List of deals from Switzerland

List of deals from The Netherlands

List of deals from Germany

List of deals from Russia

List of deals from Greece

List of deals from Turkey

List of deals from Serbia

List of deals from Spain

List of deals from France

List of deals from Italy


Booking is possible either directly with Etihad Airways or via various Online Travel Agencies. (In some cases you can track the fare only when booking directly with the airline). Below we have selected few attractive solutions otherwise just check available deals from your origin through above links.


UK  – Perth from £450

UK  – Seychelles from £488


Dublin – Kuala Lumpur from €363

Dublin – Bangkok from €449

Dublin – Sydney from €629


Germany – Sri Lanka from €358

Germany – Bangkok from €383

Germany – Jakarta rom €418

Germany – Vietnam from €419  (choose max 1 layover)


Belgrade – Phuket from €332

Belgrade – Bangkok from €366

Belgrade – Singapore from €366


Paris – Bangkok from €379

Paris – Jakarta from €420

Paris – Seychelles from €467

Paris – Melbourne from €639


Italy – Jakarta from €359

Italy – Bangkok from €360

Italy – Philippines from €389

Venice – Kuala Lumpur from €385

Italy – Seychelles from €470

Italy – Melbourne from €636

Italy – Sydney from €642


IBooking sample of Etihad Airways promo sale: Germany to Sri Lanka €358, Italy to Indonesia €359, UK to Perth £450! In this case you would fly from Dublin to Malaysia on 25th of October 2016. Your return flight from this classic destination in South East Asia back to Ireland would be on 16th of November 2016.

Etihad Airways promo sale: Dublin to Malaysia/India €363, Amsterdam to Philippines €419, UK to Perth £520!