Oct 09

KLM promotional sale – UK to Hong Kong £299, China £308, Johannesburg £326!

KLM promotional sale - UK to Toronto or Abu Dhabi £214, Johannesburg £348!KLM, flag carirer of The Netherlands, is running new promotional sale on flights from UK to various destinations within their scope. Royal Dutch Airlines are offering their service to almost 130 destinations. KLM, founded in 1919, is World´s oldest carrier still in operation. (flying under its original name). Nowadays they also belong to one of the safest airlines in the World. This time they are running an intresting sale from main airports in the United Kingdom. Look for flights from Manchester, Edinbugh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Southampton, Newcastle, Inverness or London. You can book discounted flights to Abu Dhabi from £235. Hong Kong £299, China £308 or Johannesburg £326. Also adding some interesting option to Tokyo, Osaka or Madagascar. and experienced travelers may consider return flights to Luanda in Angola already for £304. 


In case of booking or to check full list of discounted destinations of this KLM´s promotional sale just follow here directly to the website of the airline. Below you may find booking samples based on various booking agents. All Intercontinental flights with KLM are inclusive of all taxes and fees, in-flight meals as well as checked bag up to 23kg. Note that this Air France / KLM  “Dream Deals” sale is running only till 10th of October 2017.


Booking sample

UK – Abu Dhabi from £235


UK – Hong Kong from £299

UK – Luanda, Angola from £304

UK – Xiamen, China from £308

UK – Beijing from £317

UK – Johannesburg from £326

UK – Osaka from £354

UK – Tokyo from £359

UK – Madagascar from £455


Travel dates vary by each origin and destination. However, usually you will find discounted flights from October to beginning of December 2017 then January to May 2018.


Booking sample of this latest KLM promotional sale – UK to Hong Kong £299, China £308, Johannesburg £326! In this case you would fly from Birmingham to Hong Kong on 17th of January. You would return from Asia  to Europe on 24th of January 2018.

KLM promotional sale - UK to Hong Kong £299, China £308, Johannesburg £326!