Feb 25

Lufthansa super cheap flights from Scandinavia to USA from €232!

Lufthansa super cheap flights from Scandinavia to USA from €237!German national airlines Lufthansa, a Star Alliance member and European carrier of 2017. (Also have recently received a five star rating) by Skytrax. have greatly dicounted flights from Scandinavia (Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen) to the most demanding destinations in USA: Fly to New York already for €232, California (San Francisco, San Jose or los Angeles) from €242 or Miami form €270. There is one short layover either in Frankfurt or Munich on your way. Note that this is “Economy light” Fare and does not include checked bag. Otherwise this is for round trip flight incl. all taxes and in-flight meals. If you are looking for budget option on board of classic European carrier this is excellent opportunity. Hurry up these Lufthansa super cheap flights from Scandinavia to USA will surely not last long..


*UPDATE* – This deal is now available for next travel period second half of August to beginning of December 2018. (still available from now till June). If you want to visit California in peak season (end of summer holidays see our booking sample from Stockholm to San Jose.


This amazing Luftahnsa promotional sale to America is available between 1st November 2017 and 19th of June 2018. Blackout travel period aorund Christmas Holidays. Discounted tickets are available till 16th of October but suggest this will be sold out very soon..Max stay 1 month. In this case you can book directly with airline to reach the lowest fare..


Booking samples

Stockholm – New York for €232  (6.. – 20.3.)

Stockholm – San Francisco / Los Angeles for €242  (6. – 21.3.)

Stockholm – San Jose for €268  (15. – 29.8. – end of summer holidays!)

Stockholm – Miami for €270  (5. – 20.3.)


Oslo – New York for €239

Oslo – Miami for €273

Oslo – Los Angeles for €250

Oslo – San Francisco for €292

Oslo – San |Jose for €292


Copenhagen – New York for €263

Copenhagen – San Francisco / Los Angeles for €292

Copenhagen – San Jose for €290

Copenhagen – Miami for €319


You can book your accommodation in USA via Booking.com or Hotels.com. Check out Lufthansa general discounted flights from Europe in our previous article.


Booking sample of greatly discounted Star Alliance flights from Europe to North America. Lufthansa super cheap flights from Scandinavia to USA from €232! In this case you would depart form Stockholm to San Francisco on 4th of March. Your return flight from California to Europe would be on 21st of March 2018. Due to extremply low price we suggest this is possible Lufthansa error fare deal. and can be fixed anytime soon..hurry up if this is kind of a deal you have been waiting for..

Lufthansa super cheap flights from Scandinavia to USA from €237!