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Open jaw flights to Kuala Lumpur/Singapore £249/€339!

Open jaw flights to Kuala Lumpur/Singapore £249/€339!

British Airways together with Iberia are allowing to book some interesting open jaw flights to Kuala Lumpur/Singapore. Based on similar logic as this cheap British Airways flights to Bangkok already for £246/€335 we posted earlier this week you may also consider another destinations in South East Asia during next main tourist season 2015/2016. Again you would have to look for flights departing from Madrid and returning back to various cities in Europe. In some cases there is again an option to end your trip in London thanks to long layover…The cheapest open jaw flights are currently starting at £249/€339!



You may consider to book open jaw flights either to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Another and even slightly cheaper option would be double open jaw flights when flying from Europe to Singapore and returning back from Kuala Lumpur via London. Look for flights from Spain and returning back to cities such as Vienna, Amsterdam, main airports in Germany or Paris.


If you consider to book this British Airways deal please look for flights mainly within November 2015 and March 2016. Max stay 12 months. This promotional sale is valid for bookings made till 18th of August 2015. Blackout period around Christmas holidays as usually..


Booking samples

London – South East Asia from £323

Madrid – Singapore and Kuala Lumpur – (long layover in London) Vienna for £249/€339

Madrid – Singapore and Kuala Lumpur – Amsterdam/Germany/France for £252/€342


Europe to South East Asia from £198


Travel date samples

8. – 22.11.

22.11. – 5.12.2015

12. – 23.1.2016

1. – 15.2.

23.2. – 5.3.

29.2. – 19.3.

6. – 24.3.

7. – 26.3.

10. – 27.3.


Another available British Airways promotional deals

UK – New York from £212

Bangkok in main tourist season from £246/€347

Mauritius from €450!

London to Iceland from £87 (main tourist season 2016)


Once you reach South East Asia you have full scope of possibilities where to accommodate. If you still want to book your hotel in Kuala Lumpur and/or Singapore in advance you may check some affordable accommodation via booking agents such as Hotelopia. They are now also offering 6% promotional code for additional discount off hotel rooms. More details to be found here.


Booking sample of a cheap open jaw flights to Kuala Lumpur/Singapore £249/€339!. In this case you would be departing from Madrid to Singapore on 29th of February 2016. You would be then returning back from Kuala Lumpur to Vienna on 19th of March 2016. Thanks to long layover in London you can easily skip last leg and end your trip in UK..

Open jaw flights to Kuala Lumpur/Singapore £249/€339!