Jan 12

Return flights from Europe to Nosy Be, Madagascar from €510!

Return flights from Europe to Nosy Be, Madagascar from €510!Undeveloped and poor infrastructure is a major obstacle to travel famous Madagascar. If you want to visit different part of this amazing island  or just looking for unique beachside check our solution based on Ethiopian Airlines. (A 4-star carrier awarded as “Best African airlines” in 2017 by Skytrax also member of a Star Alliance). Return flights from European cities to Nosy Be, tropical isle off the  northwest coast of Madagascar. At this moment you can book the cheapest return flights already for €510 when departing from Madrid, Milan or Rome. We are also adding some good solution from Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Vienna, Stockholm or Oslo.



If interested in this offer you will find the cheapest flights with Ethiopian Airlines to tropical Nosy Be between 4th of April and 8th of June or 2nd of November to 10th of December 2018. Max stay 3 months. Promo sale is running till 27th of March or until sold out. Below you can find our booking sample from each of the European origin. To further discount your accommodation in Madagascar you can use this Hotels.com promotion code. If interested in this kind of a deals you can also have a look on our solution to Comoros already for €532.


Booking samples

Madrid – Nosy Be from €510

Milan – Nosy Be from €511

Rome – Nosy Be from €528

Stockholm – Nosy Be from €633

Frankfurt  – Nosy Be from €637

Amsterdam  – Nosy Be from €642

Vienna – Nosy Be from €655

Oslo – Nosy Be from €656


Booking sample of Ethiopian Airtlines discounted flights from Europe to Madagascar. Round trip tickets to exotic isle of Nosy Be are now available from €510. In this case and also as per our above booking you would depart from Madrid to Nosy Be on 4th of May. Your inbound flight from this tropical and unique African destination back to Europe would be on Saturday, 19th of May 2018.

Return flights from Europe to Nosy Be, Madagascar from €510!