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Round-trip flights from Europe to Fukuoka, Japan from £314 or €362!

Round-trip flights from Europe to Fukuoka, Japan from £348 or €369!Alternative option to Japan is available with SkyTeam carrier Air France / KLM (together with their partners Korean Air and All Nippon Airways). Return flights from various European cities to Fukuoka are now available already for £314 or €362. There are two layovers on your way and cheapest flights are available when flying Monday – Thursday but if you are flexbile and need budget option to Japan this is great opportunity. Fare is inclusive of all taxes and fees as well as checked bag. Cheapest solution is available from the United Kingdom (Birmingham, London, Newcastle) or Germany (Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt) but also from Luxembourg, Brussels, Sofia, Budapest, Prague, Milan, Rome or Oslo. Travellers in Italy have one more amazing option to Japan..non-stop flights with Alialia from Milan to Tokyo are still available for just €407!



This promotional deal with Air France / KLM is valid for flights departing between 15th of October and 15th of December 2017 or January till 29th of March 2018. Based on date of your outbound flight from Europe to Fukuoka. Max stay 3 months.


Travel dates vary by each origin. In some cases you can also book this deal directly with airline where you can easily compare all available travel options. Need an accommodation in Fukuoka in advance we recommend service of Booking.com. Consider also promo codes that offers Otel.com, Hotels.com or Amoma. You may find even slightly cheaper flights however with airport change in Osaka. We do not recommend this option thought..


Booking samples

Birmingham – Fukuoka from £314

Southampton – Fukuoka from £315

London – Fukuoka from £328

Newcastle – Fukuoka from £342

Glasgow – Fukuoka from £357

Edinburgh – Fukuoka from £357


Germany – Fukuoka from €362

Budapest – Fukuoka from €363

Italy – Fukuoka from €365

Sofia – Fukuoka from €399

Luxembourg – Fukuoka from €412

Prague – Fukuoka from €419

Vienna – Fukuoka from €428

Brussels / Amsterdam – Fukuoka from €446

Oslo – Fukuoka from €472


Booking sample of cheap round-trip flights from Europe to Fukuoka, Japan from £314 or €362! In this case you would fly from Birmingham to Fukuoka on 24th of November. Your return flight from Japan back to Europe would be on 8th of December 2017.

Round-trip flights from Europe to Fukuoka, Japan from £314 or €362!