May 13

Summer flights to Svalbard Islands from €192 or £220 round-trip!

Summer flights to Svalbard Islands from €192 or £220 round-trip!If you are looking for an unique destination this summer holidays how about to visit amazing Svalbard Islands, Northernmost settlement with a permanent population of over 1,000, located in Arctic Ocean. halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Return flights from European mainland to Longyearbyen, the largest city on this archipelago based on service of SAS Scandinavian Airlines are now available from €192 or £220 during short summer in July and August. The cheapest option are non-stop flights from Oslo but you can also find some great deals from Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Stockholm, Dublin or London. Note that there is no checked bag included in base fare. If you need one it is available for approximately €30 both ways.


Note that Svalbard Islands are very expensive destination especially during summer holidays so check what price for accommodation or food to expect before you book this deal. You can compare your options at Booking.com or consider following promo codes Hotels.com or Amoma. If interested in this offer with SAS Scandinavian Airlines you will find limited travel options in first hanf of July or August 2017. Travel dates vary by each of the European origin you can easily compare your options directly at website of the carrier.


Booking samples

London – Svalbard from £220

Oslo – Svalbard from €192  (Non-stop flight)

Amsterdam – Svalbard from €211

Berlin – Svalbard from €224

Hamburg – Svalbard from €236

Dublin – Svalbard from €237

Stockholm – Svalbard from €239


Booking sample of Summer flights to Svalbard Islands from €192 or £220 round-trip! As per our booking smaple you would fly non-stop from Oslo to Longyearbyen on 4th of July. Your return flight from this beautiful place to Norway´ s mainland would be on 11th of July 2017.

Summer flights to Svalbard Islands from €192 or £220 round-trip!