Jun 13

Turkish Airlines sale from France or Italy to cities in Asia or Africa from €267!

Turkish Airlines sale from Italy e.g. Seychelles or Mauritius from €469!Turkish Airlines, awarded as best European airlines 6th times in a row (2011-2016)., has just launched an interesting sale from Europe to various worldwide destinations in scope of this carrier. At this moment you can book greatly discounted flights from France or Italy to exotic destinations such as Dubai, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Zanzibar, Phuket, Bangkok, Kilimanjaro, Seychelles, Mauritius or Madagascar from €267. You can also fly to Cuba in peak season from €414. Travellers looking for a destinations off beaten track may consider fairly priced flights to Bangladesh, Mozambique, Nepal or Mongolia. Fare is for a roundtrip ticket and inclusive of all taxes and fees, in-flight meals and checked bag. Enjoy this latest discount offer with Turkish Airlines and book cheap flights to cities in Asia or Africa with Star Alliance!



If interested in this latest Turkish Airlines promotion then look for flights in travel period from 1st of October 2018 and 31st of March 2019. Blackour period around Christmas holidays. Discount applies to bookings made till 17th of June or until the cheapest tariff is sold out. Some of the flights may require longer layover in Istanbul on your way. Turkish Airlines is one of the carriers offering free transit hotel when transferring via their main hub. More details here. Travel dates vary by each of the destination. Quickest would be to compare here at Turkish Airlines website.


Booking samples below. 

France – Look for flights from Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille or Nice

France – Dubai from €267

France – Uganda from €308

France – Burkina Faso from €326

France – Kenya from €332

France – Rwanda from €346

France – Singapore from €371

France – Cameroon from €374

France – Bangkok from €387

Paris – Zanzibar from €391

Paris – Phuket from €391

France – Ethiopia from €408

France – Brazil from €419

France – Jakarta from €451

France – Seychelles from €484

France – Argentina from €522

Paris – Madagascar from €524

France – Mozambique from €531


Italy – Look for flights from Milan, Rome, Venice, Bologna or Turin

Italy – Zanzibar from €358

Italy – Seychelles from €361

Italy – Ethiopia from €383

Italy – Phuket from €387

Italy – Johannesburg from €389

Italy – Bangkok from €396

Italy – Havana from €414

Italy – Jakarta from €423

Italy – Tokyo from €423

Italy – Kuala Lumpur from €423

Italy – Madagascar from €424

Italy – Kilimanjaro from €424

Italy – Bangladesh from €425

Italy – Nepal from €426

Italy – Mauritius from €440

Italy – Cape Town from €468

Italy – Mozambique from €525


Booking sample of latest promotion based on Turkish Airlines sale from France or Italy to cities in Asia or Africa from €267! In this case you would depart from Paris to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 4th of February. Your return flight from this famous city in the Middle East back to Europe would be on 18th of February 2019.

Turkish Airlines sale from France or Italy to cities in Asia or Africa from €267!