Bargain flights to Panama from selected European cities from €429 return!

Bargain flights to Panama from many European cities from €341 or £341 return!


We have found even more cheap flights to Panama City, this time from Zurich, Munich, Brussels, Lisbon, Porto, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Málaga, Paris, and London. Prices are as low as €429 for a round trip. These flights are with Air Europa and have a Madrid layover on both the outbound and inbound flights. Availability is throughout the first quarter of 2024. All prices are for a roundtrip and inclusive of taxes, fees, and hand luggage. Checked luggage is available for an additional fee.


We ordinarily recommend you compare the cheapest flights via Google Flights. However, in this case, Google isn’t listing the Air Europa flights so it is best to head straight to Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights. Enter your departure airport and Panama City as a destination. Then you can use our brand new Skyscanner Ultimate Guide to help you find the cheapest possible prices for you!


Flying from: Zurich, Munich, Brussels, Lisbon, Porto, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Málaga, Paris, London

Flying to: Panama City

Airline(s): Air Europa

Luggage: handbag

Outbound travel dates: May and June 2024

Max stay: 3 months

Book by: 16th of April


Booking sample

Zurich to Panama City for €429

Brussels to Panama City for €460

Munich to Panama City for €462

Frankfurt to Panama City for €490  (Air France)

Bilbao to Panama City for €498

Barcelona to Panama City for €507

Porto to Panama City for €519

Lisbon to Panama City for €525

Paris to Panama City for €532

Milan to Panama City for €542

Madrid to Panama City for €618  (Non-stop flight)

London to Panama City for £573


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Booking sample of bargain Air Europa deals to Panama from European cities from €429 return! As per our booking, your outbound flight from Zurich to Central America would be on the 3rd of May returning from Panama to Europe on the 21st of May 2024.

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