Airport Guide: Doha

Doha Hamad Airport Guide

Hamad International Airport serves the city of Doha and is Qatar’s only international airport. The second-largest airport in the UAE region receives favourable reviews with Skytrax. The ratings and review company have Doha as a 5-star airport and the third-best airport in the world in 2020. When you are travelling from, to or through Doha, our Hamad International Airport guide will tell you everything you need to know!

Most visitors to Hamad International are in transit to their ultimate destination, and that is mainly thanks to Qatar Airways who are based at Doha Airport. The state owns the flag-carrier airline use Doha as a hub that links their international long haul destinations together. The airport name is in honour of the 1995-2013 Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

Hamad International Airport should not be confused with Doha International Airport, which stopped handling commercial flights in 2014. Doha International used to be the primary airport for Doha before operations moved to Hamad International, although in 2022 the airport will have its final usage for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Both airports are next to each other, with Hamad International on reclaimed land a little east of its predecessor. It is approximately 8km from the city centre of Doha itself.

Doha Hamad International Airport At-a-glance

Official Website:

Airport Code: DOH

Terminals: 1

Address: Hamad Airport,

Gate Checker:

Terminal Checker: N/A 

Contact Number: +43-1-7007-​0

Timezone: GMT+1 October-March, GMT+2 March-October

Lost Property Contact:
Phone: +974 4010 6666

Map: – A collection of 2D maps for all arrivals, departures, and transfer areas, plus bus route maps and car parking

WiFi: Free WiFi is available throughout the airport. Connect to the “#HIAQatar Complimentary Wi-Fi” network

Apps: Doha Hamad International Airport has a free app available on both Android and iOS.

Doha Hamad International Airport Facilities

Doha Hamad Airport Guide - Qatar Take Off

Although not the biggest airport, Doha Hamad International has everything that a traveller would need when travelling. Smoking rooms, ATM’s (some of which are multi-currency), currency exchange, banking services with Qatar Islamic Bank, gender-separated prayer rooms, free internet stations, free Wifi, hotel service desks for a variety of hotels, family rooms, plus five “Activity Nodes” for children. There is also baggage wrapping and free luggage trolleys available; however, there are no bag lockers for left luggage. And of course, there are plentiful duty-free shopping options, with many retail, restaurants, and cafes available too.

The sole terminal also homes several art pieces, the most notable of which is ‘Lamp Bear’. The exhibit once lived in New York before being won at auction and depicts a 7m yellow teddy bear with a giant desk lamp intersecting with its head. Also noteworthy are the eight bronze sculptures entitled ‘Other Worlds’ which are throughout concourse C. They are interactive and have slides and seats for kids and grown-up kids to climb on and slide down. The airport itself has an artistic design with an oasis theme used throughout the terminal, including wave-inspired roofing, and desert plants situated across the premises.

For passengers with an extended layover of 5 hours or more, there are two tours of Doha that are options to kill time. From 75 QAR passengers can enjoy tours that visit city highlights as part of a joint venture between Qatar Airways and the Qatar Tourism Authority. For those looking for something more luxurious, there is also a chauffeur-driven private tour from 250 QAR. More information and booking options are available here.

Sleeping options at the airport range from recliners in the gender-segregated quiet rooms, to a transit hotel, and finally to nearby hotels that offer shuttle access. The quiet rooms are found at several points around the terminal for those waiting for their departure. For those in transit, the Oryx Airport Hotel has more traditional sleeping options without having to go through immigration. Rates start from a 5-hour minimum stay, with further information available on the Oryx website. Finally, there are hotels with shuttle buses nearby to the airport, such as the Radisson Blu or the Oryx Rotana. For other options in the area, enter your dates here and find the best rates.

Doha Airport Walkway

Shower facilities are not available for free in any public area, but there are facilities available in several lounges. Also, the Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Center, which is part of the on-site Oryx Hotel, has showers in addition to a gym and indoor swimming pool. Prices start at 175 QAR for entry. A lounge may be preferable for those looking to also eat and drink while in transit, but the fitness centre does allow for swimming opportunities which may appeal to some.

Luggage storage is not possible at Doha Hamad International airport so travellers will need to keep their belongings with them as they travel through the airport. For those that have lounge access, there are reports that complimentary lockers are available in some lounges, such as the Oryx lounge, but for most, this will be an additional expense. If travelling with the same airline on a connecting flight, however, any larger checked luggage will automatically be transferred to the next plane. This, at least, means passengers will be able to transit through the airport with hand luggage only. 

Doha Hamad Airport Terminal Layout

The layout of Doha Hamad airport is relatively simple in comparison to other multi-terminal airports. There are five concourses spread across the terminal building, with A, B and C concourses being closest to check-in, with D and E being furthest away. 

When passing through security and passport control, the airport branches into three concourses. A is to the left, and Concourse B is to the right, with Concourse C straight ahead. At the far end of Concourse C are Concourses D and E which are in a V shape branching off of C. D is to the left, and E to the right.

Doha Airport Lamp Bear

There are two duty-free shopping areas at the two convergence points of the concourses. The first is the larger of the two and is between Concourses A, B, and C. There is no mistake that you will be in ‘Duty Free Plaza – South’, as it is known, as the unmistakable Lamp Bear exhibit sits in the centre here. The northern duty-free area also has additional eating options on the lower level.

Concourse A and Concourse B

Concourses A and B are a mirror image of one another. The closest gates are A1/B1, with higher numbered gates situated towards the end of the concourses. A central moving walkway allows faster access to the far side of the two halls. Small coffee and retail outlets are available at both, but more varied options are at the duty-free plaza.

Concourse C

Concourse C extends away from the check-in facilities of Doha Hamad Airport and provides access to Concourses D and E. There are thirteen gates on the main level, with the odd numbers to the right, and the even-numbered gates to the left when heading away from security. Gates C20-29 are on the lower level and are accessible via an escalator next to Gate C10.

Concourse D and Concourse E

A smaller dining and retail area link Concourses C, D and E together. As with A and B, D and E are mirrors of each other, but on a smaller scale. There are four gates apiece on the main level; gates D1/E1 to D4/E4. The additional gates are on the lower level, accessible via escalators or elevators which have numbers D20/E20 to D24/E24.

Doha Hamad Airport Connections

Doha Hamad International Airport is around 15km south-east of Doha city centre by road connection. Until 2019 there were no rail connections to the city, meaning all passengers made use of either a car, shuttle vehicle or public bus to make it into Doha city. As of May 2019, the Metro service became operational, allowing further public transport systems into Doha.

Bus: There are several bus routes throughout Doha available from the airport. The Mowasalat company runs all services to destinations including The Pearl (route 777), Mesaieed (route 109), Al Mansoure (route 757), and more. Tickets cost between 2.5 and 7 QAR depending on how many stops are required but expect to pay 5-7 QAR to reach the centre of Doha. The buses require the use of a ‘Karwa Smartcard’ to travel, but these can are purchasable from the driver when on board.

Doha Hamad Airport Guide - Metro

Metro: The recently opened Doha Metro service connects to the airport, allowing passengers to reach the main attractions by air-conditioned driverless people movers. Single journey tickets are possible from 3 QAR. It will take approximately 35-40 minutes to reach the DECC (Doha Exhibition & Convention Centre), a centrally located stop close to many attractions. For frequent travellers, purchasing a reusable travel card for 10 QAR may be preferable, as this allows multiple trips for 2 QAR/trip up to a maximum of 6 QAR per day. Full fare information is available on the Qatar Metro website.

Car: Car rental is possible from Doha Hamad Airport with many rental companies operating from the ground floor of the car park building opposite the arrivals area. There are a host of companies offering rental opportunities, including household names such as Budget, Hertz, Sixt, and National. There are also many local companies providing alternative hire solutions. Passengers can find a full list on the airport website.

Taxi: The taxi rank outside the arrivals area, and to the right, will allow travellers a metered solution to get into Doha city centre. Travel time should be around 20 minutes, depending on the destination. A minimum fee of 25 QAR is applicable with each kilometre metered resulting in 45 to 60 QAR as a final cost to reach Doha city. Uber is available also, with prices varying dependant on demand, but fares should be possible to the city starting from 20 QAR.


Most passengers transitting through Doha Airport will do so thanks to the service of Qatar Airways. In such cases, there is no need to worry about the connection time, as the airline will already have considered this when the tickets were purchased. In the event of a flight delay into Doha Airport, resulting in a missed connection, then the airline is obligated to provide alternative transport and accommodation for travellers to reach their destination.

Doha Hamad Airport Guide - Qatar Airways

In the situation where a passenger purchases two separate tickets to fly, they would be performing what is called a ‘self-transfer’. This means that they would need to collect any checked luggage if they travelled with any and pass immigration before checking in again at the check-in counters. The result is a longer time required to connect to the next flight. The official minimum connection time for Doha Hamad Airport is 45 minutes, or 60 minutes when travelling to the USA or Canada. If travelling with luggage on a self-transfer, we would recommend allowing at least 2.5 hours.

Doha Hamad Airport Lounges

It should come as no surprise that the home airline, Qatar Airways, offers a large selection of loungers for their business passengers. There are additionally several airport lounges which have no affiliation to the airline allowing economy class passengers to ‘walk-in’ for a fee. The majority are available after security (i.e. airside), but there are landside options too. All lounges have shower facilities.

Airside Lounges

Qatar Airways First/Business Class Lounge (this lounge has shower facilities)
Located up the escalators to the left towards Concourse C

Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge (this lounge has shower facilities)
Located up the escalators to the left towards Concourse C

Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge (this lounge has shower facilities)
Located up the escalators to the right towards Concourse C

Oryx Lounge (this lounge has shower facilities)
Located up the escalators to the right towards Concourse C

Al Maha Transit Lounge (this lounge has shower facilities)
Located up the escalators to the right towards Concourse C

Landside Lounges

Qatar Airways First/Business Class Arrivals Lounge (this lounge has shower facilities)
Located in the arrivals area before the immigration desks

Qatar Airways First/Business Class Arrivals Lounge (this lounge has shower facilities)
Located in the arrivals area after baggage reclaim

Al Maha Arrival Lounge (this lounge has shower facilities)
Located in the arrivals area after baggage reclaim

Al Maha Arrival Lounge (this lounge has shower facilities)
Located in the arrivals area before the immigration desks

Al Maha Departure Processing Lounge (this lounge has shower facilities)
Located nearby to row 3 of the check-in hall

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