Alitalia cheap flights from Italy to Mauritius from €478! (Nov 20 to Mar 21)

Italian national airlines Alitalia is offering great deal for travelers in Italy to visit legendary Mauritius! This time you can book greatly discounted flights from Venice, Milan, Naples, Verona, Pisa, Turin, Florence, or Bologna to Port Louis, Mauritius from just €478 both ways! This is a full-service offer. Price is already including checked luggage as well as taxes, meals, and handbag. Seeking for some exotic getaway this is surely a great offer not only for travelers in Italy!  Book cheap Alitalia flights with one short layover in Rome and explore this legendary island in the Indian Ocean..!



If interested in this discount deal with Alitalia you will find the cheapest flights when departing from Italy to Port Lous from the 28th of October to 11th of December 2020 or 8th of January to 12th of March 2021.  Min stay  3 days or over the weekend. Max stay for 1 month. Unlimited free stopovers are available. 23kg bag in the hold in base fare. Fare class is “F“.  Alitalia discount is available until the 4th of June or until sold out… You can book this deal directly with Alitalia or your preferred booking agent. If interested in this offer you can refer to our booking samples below.


Booking sample

Italy – Port Louis, Mauritius from €523  (booking with Alitalia)

Milan – Port Louis, Mauritius from €478

Verona – Port Louis, Mauritius from €486

Bologna – Port Louis, Mauritius from €486

Venice – Port Louis, Mauritius from €486

Naples – Port Louis, Mauritius from €486

Turin – Port Louis, Mauritius from €486

Pisa – Port Louis, Mauritius from €486

Florence – Port Louis, Mauritius from €495

Italy – the Maldives from €455



You can book your accommodation in Mauritius via Also you can further discount your hotel when using one of the following promo codes. 10% coupon

Hotelopia 6% discount


Booking a sample of Alitalia cheap flights from Italy to Mauritius from €478! In this case you would depart from Milan to this tropical island in the Indian Ocean on Sunday, 8th of November. Inbound from exotic Mauritius back to Italy on the 21st of November 2020.

Alitalia cheap flights from Italy to Mauritius from €478!

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