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Cheap return flights from Dublin to Marrakesh, Morocco for €22!

Lufthansa return flights from France to Seoul, South Korea from €357!

Cheap return flights from London to Bogotá, Colombia or Lima, Peru from £351!

Business Class return flights from Lisbon to Sao Paulo, Brazil for just €515!

Cheap flights from Switzerland to Mexico City for €329 return!

Full-service flights from Switzerland to Madagascar from €528!

Full-service Etihad flights from Vienna to Karachi, Pakistan for €366!

Cheap flights from Brussels to Argentina (Buenos Aires, Córdoba) from €389!

Cheap return flights from Budapest to Amman, Jordan for €29!

Full-service flights from Geneva, Switzerland to Seychelles for €478!

Roundtrip flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Santiago de Chile for €412!

Full-service return flights from Belgrade to the Maldives for €474!

Full-service flights from Vienna to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for €321! (+ deals to Penang / Langkawi / Borneo from €418)

Cheap return flights from London to Accra, Ghana for £238!

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