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TAP Portugal flights from the UK to Canada (Toronto & Montreal) for £221!

High season flights to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from €308 return!

Cheap return flights from Germany, Brussels, Lux, Switzerland or Vienna to Hawaii with Oneworld from €346!

Cheap non-stop return flights from France to various cities in Algeria for €55!

Full-service SkyTeam flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Zanzibar for €386!

SUMMER HOLIDAYS return flights from Europe to San Francisco for €247 or £259!

Cheap return flights from many cities in Europe to Karachi, Pakistan for €201 or £264!

Etihad flights from Switzerland to Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney) from just €535!

Full-service non-stop return flights from Milan to Istanbul for just €35! promotion code – 10% discount all flights all destinations!

Full-service return flights from Germany to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for €407!

Return flights from Germany to Cayenne, French Guiana for €512!

Emirates UK promotion code 2021 – 10% discount all flights!

TAP Portugal non-stop flights from Lisbon to Guinea-Bissau from €207!

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