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Full-service flights from Vienna to India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru) from €464!

*FIRST-MINUTE* Non-stop flights from Barcelona to Santiago de Chile for €648!

Non-stop flights from Dublin to Toronto from €306!

*LAST-MINUTE* Fly to Australia & New Zealand from Paris from €798 return including 2 checked bags!

Cheap flights from Budapest or Prague to New Delhi or Mumbai, India from €319!

Return flights to Las Vegas from a cheap €368 from Germany!

Flights from Germany to Dallas, Texas from €363 return. Non-stop flights available for €386!

Fly from Oslo to Svalbard for only €115 return!

Fly from selected countries in Europe to Accra, Ghana from £269 or €271 return!

Return flights from Italy to Sao Paulo, Brazil from €387!

Non-stop Air France flights from Paris to Johannesburg for €545.

Return flights from France, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Vienna, Amsterdam or Brussels to Brazil from €438!

Non-stop 5* Singapore Airlines flights from Manchester to Houston for £433 incl. 2x23kg bags!

Fly to the Red Sea! Vienna to Eilat, Israel return flights for €29.98!

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