BA: Flights to USA with return from Mexico (Cancun) €296!

BA: Flights to USA (New York) with return from Mexico (Cancun) €295!

A bit more experienced travellers may consider another interesting deal based on promotional sale of Iberia / British Airways and their partners. This time you may arrive to either sunny Miami or megacity New York. If you have enough time you may then travel US East Coast down to Florida. From there you may fly to Cancun ( (as you may book cheapest flights between US and Mexico from there)  and spend your last days at some of amazing Caribbean beaches before you return back to Europe. Currently the cheapest routing is when departing from Dublin or Luxembourg to Miami, Washington, San Francisco or New York and returning back from Cancun to Germany (Frankfurt or Munich is the cheapest option) or UK (London is the cheapest option). Open jaw tickets are starting already at €296 or £276!



Please remember that you would have to get on your own from US to Cancun in Mexico. We are also adding booking samples of one way tickets currently starting at €70. If interested in this promotional offer of British Airways you may find the the cheapest flights to New York in travel period from 7th of January till 22nd of March 2016. This is based on date of your outbound flight to New York. If you need to look up some routing please contact us via our Facebook page.


Booking samples

EN  –  Dublin – USA and Cancun – UK from £276

EN  –  Dublin – Miami / Washington / New York / San Francisco and Cancun – Germany from €313

DE  –  Dublin – Miami / Washington / New York / San Francisco and Cancun – Germany from €296


Dublin – Miami, Miami – Cancun and Cancun – Germany €392


+ one way ticket between US and Mexico

New York – Cancun for €143 

Florida – Cancun for €84

San Francisco – Cancun for €117  (booking sample in January 2016)


To book some affordable accommodation in New York, Miami or Cancun you may use booking servers such as Hotelopia.


Another available British Airways promotional deals

UK – New York from £220

Europe – California etc from €312


Booking sample based on promotional deal with British Airways when booking flights to USA (Miami) with return from Mexico (Cancun) €296 below. In this case you would be departing from Dublin to Florida on 29th of February 2016. Your return flight from Cancun, Caribbean beach side in Mexico back to Frankfurt would take place on 14th of March 2016.

BA: Flights to USA with return from Mexico (Cancun) €296!


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