Best tips how to book cheap flights and air tickets

Best tips how to book cheap flights and air ticketsBest tips how to book cheap flights and air tickets

Finding the way how to book cheap flights and air tickets is not a matter of a luck or magic. To those readers willing to find best travel deals we decided to write following tips helping you to find the cheapest possible way to reach your goal no matter to where you wish to fly.

Most of the people are playing with an idea to visit at least once in their lifetime place or country of their dreams. No matter where do you live its usually the same, your dream destination is an oposite of the place you actually live. When you start searching to find a way to make your dream happen, one of the key things is find out how to book cheap flights and for this reasons we decided to give you our own suggestions for best tips how to book cheap flights and air tickets..

Are you living in highlands? Isn´t your dream destination an exotic tropical island with endless bone-white sand beaches where you are drinking a cocktails while listening to sparking water of the ocean? Or are you coming from megacities, then you might be interested to visit corners on Earth untouched by modern technologies and spend your dream holidays in harmony with nature far far away from anything remotely resembling humankind? Are you travelling with baby, or are you alone?

No matter where you live our dream destination has usually something in common. Booking flight  from the part of the world you live might be challenging. for these purpose we wrote below tips to find the way how to book cheap flights and air tickets and to help you to save your time and money, to book an air ticket for a reasonable rate might be in the end the only thing you need to overcome..

Here below is the list of best tips how to book cheap flights, purchasing air tickets and not ruining your pockets:

1. Check airfares early and often


Making the reservation in your game can cost you a big amount of money especially during the peak travel season to the destination you are heading to. You will definetely not find cheap air tickets two weeks before flying and the airfare prices would be rather going up and up… Plan purchase of air tickets ahead and try to make the call before this deadline. One of the possibilities is to check our web site which is bringing daily fresh tips for cheap flights and air tickets. You can also check out Google Flights metasearch tool.

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If you are looking for an international cheap flight you should plan your flight even earlier – it is commonly known that the cheapest flights is possible to buy between 3 to 6 months before your flight. This is however not a solid rule you should blatantly follow, you may get lucky if you wait – check the price regularly but this is also leading to:


2. Know the real price of the air tickets to your destination


Above tip is an effective way how to book cheap flights however it is not a dogma, by knowing real price of air tickets to the destination you are looking for you may preclude disappointment when the price you expect to go even lower is suddenly going up. Purchasing an air tickets is not an magic, airlines have settled precise rules when and why to increase or decrease their fares. They use sophysticated system to adjust their fares literally in real-time making it a bit exasperating sometimes. When you find an cheap error fare flight you like be ready to pull the trigger before its too late!


3. Buy late


Nowadays trend is to purchase air tickets at a very last minute saving some great amount of money, if the airlines failed with estimation of their selling power. Many airlines and booking agents offer weekly newsletters featuring actual best last-minute deals or currently running promo tariffs. If you can accept that you actually do not know what will be your next holiday destination and you can stand the suspense you may find amazing money-savers to very exotic and attractive travel destinations. This is a great tips to those travellers that are also looking for some surprise.

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4. Be flexible


Are you located close to another airports, then why not to consider to check the fares for your flight from all of them, you might find them much cheaper and competitive. And how about destination airport, can´t you really switch and arrive 100km far away from the airport you initialy considered? Many search engines is now having the tool to find such a cheap air tickets. Asking you if you are willing to depart from or arrive to close airports and the answer should be yes! Also, you should experiment with different travel dates, shifting your itinerary by just few days might make signifficant difference in airfares. You will usually find the cheapest flights when departing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays. Another solution that is decreasing the price are so called open-jaw flights which are used to promote routes of certain airlines or in case of high competition. Take the benefit out of them too..!

Keep in mind that almost every destination has its own peak season means that you will hardly find cheaper air tickets than the ones off the classis season (not to consider that every other service, accomodation, food in restaurants, will be definetely a bit more expensive as well)

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5.  Shop around the market


No matter which rate you find and how cheap the flight is, you should never buy the first fare you see. At the beginning, check out few of the classic booking agents giving you a preliminary idea of what the rate should be. You should also note which airlines are flying to he destination you are looking for. We found as a great tool for such a purpose. Armed with this information you may head directly to airline´s web site to check their official tariff, some of the airlines are claiming you can book the cheapest flights directly at their web site. Here you may also find other tips focused to elaborate some of the airline industry elements a bit deeper into the gist.


6. Clean your cookies and cache

Last but not least advice is to clean your cookies and cache, airline´s and booking agent´s sophysticated systems can recognize which destinations you are periodically looking up or targeting and can automatically increase the rate they offer just because of that! We post plenty of opportunities to save in the air. but there are still some easy steps to save great money when on the ground. Check our latest post about airlines offering free hotel during layover!


This is a list of our personal recommendations which will definetely not guarantee you will book the cheapest flights available on the market, there are more factors counting towards the final price of an airfare. But, if you combine these tips when searching for cheap air tickets and use them wisely, there is a strong possibility you will book the cheapest flights on the market.

These are our tips how to book cheap flights and air tickets, if you want to also save some decent money when you already arrive in your dream destination you may check our next article here.


7. Metasearch comparison tools

New way to save compared to standard airline prices is using metasearch comparison tools. If you want to book the cheapest flights from your home city is using service of Google Flights. Then you can actually book it at Skyscanner. (Check out our ultimate guide on how to find the cheapest flights at Skyscanner!).


Best tips how to book cheap flights and air tickets

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