British Airways non-stop Business Class flights from London to Kingston, Jamaica for £1580!


There is a rare opportunity for British travelers to book some affordable Business Class flights from the UK based on their national airline British Airways. Non-stop flights from London Gatwick to Kingston, Jamaica are available from £1580. If you are flexible enough and can book your next flight a lot in advance you can treat yourself to luxury and fly to this beautiful island in the Caribbean in May and June of 2024!


Fare Class: Business (I)

Plane(s):  B777-200

Seating: 2-4-2 (flat bed seats)


Flying from: London Gatwick

Flying to: Kingston

Airline(s):  British Airways

Luggage: 2x32kg

Outbound travel dates: From late May to the beginning of July 2024

Max stay: 12 months

Book by: 3rd of October


Booking samples

London to Kingston from £1580

London to Bridgetown from £329/£636 (Economy/Premium Economy Seats, Norse Atlantic Airways sale)


Travel samples

15.05. – 22.05.

27.05. – 03.06.

29.05. – 05.06.

31.05. – 07.06.

03.06. – 10.06.

05.06. – 12.06.

12.06. – 19.06.

19.06. – 26.06.

26.06. – 03.07.

03.07. – 10.07.

05.07. – 12.07.


Booking sample of British Airways non-stop Business Class flights from the United Kingdom to Jamaica for £1580! As per the above, your outbound flight from London Gatwick to Kingston will be on the 27th of May. Return from the Caribbean back to the UK on the 3rd of June 2024.

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