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British Airways cheap flights from Dublin to selected cities in the USA from €317!


Another great deal from Ireland to the USA is available this time based on British Airways. Return flights from Dublin to California, Florida, Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, or Denver are now available for €317. As this is a low fare from Europe to these destinations in the United States do not delay with your booking as this can be sold out very soon… Flights are routed via London. Remember you can not skip the first leg of your outbound flight otherwise rest of your itinerary would have been canceled.


Flying from: Dublin

Flying to:  Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Miami, Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Denver

Airline(s): British Airways

Luggage: Handbag only

Outbound travel dates: November 2023 and January to March 2024

Max stay: 3 months

Book by: 31st of October


Booking samples

Dublin to Los Angeles from €317

Dublin to Chicago from €324

Dublin to New York from €324

Dublin to Boston from €329

Dublin to San Francisco from €354

Dublin to Philadelphia from €362

Dublin to Miami for €363

Dublin to Las Vegas for €369

Dublin to Denver from €403

Dublin to San Jose from €429


Dublin is the HQ of Ryanair so you will find plenty of options on how to reach Ireland from your home town.


Booking sample of discounted British Airways cheap flights from Dublin to the USA from €317! In this case, you would depart from Dublin to Los Angeles on the 3rd of March. Your return flight from North America back to Ireland will be one week later on the 12th of March 2024.

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