Return flights to Bengaluru, India from selected European cities with British Airways from €402!


We haven´t seen any good deals from Benelux to India for a long time so here is one with British Airways (Oneworld)! Return flights from Benelux, Austria or Ireland to Bengaluru with a layover in London are available for €402! The base fare for a roundtrip includes all airport taxes and fees, onboard meals, and handbags.

*UPDATE* – Adding another great deal to Bengaluru in India departing from Spain, France or Italy! The cheapest flights are available for €412!



Flying From: Luxembourg, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna, Dublin, Shannon, Cork, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Venice, Paris, Toulouse, Nice

Flying To: Bengaluru

Airline: British Airways

Luggage: Hand luggage only

Outbound travel dates: Late April and the beginning of May or September and October 2024

Max stay: 12 months

Book by: Unknown


Booking Samples

Luxembourg to Belgaluru for €402

Brussels to Belgaluru for €440

Amsterdam to Belgaluru for €457


Madrid to Bengaluru for €412

Barcelona to Bengaluru for €428


Toulouse to Bengaluru for €437

Paris to Bengaluru for €446

Nice to Bengaluru for €447


Dublin to Bengaluru for €439

Cork to Bengaluru for €445

Shannon to Bengaluru for €448


Milan to Bengaluru for €453

Venice to Bengaluru for €453

Rome to Bengaluru for €464


Vienna to Bengaluru for €456


Booking sample of cheap British Airways flights to India for €402! Flights depart from Luxembourg to Belgaluru on the 23rd of September returning to Europe from India on the 30th of September 2024.

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