Flights from the UK to Cancún, Mexico, from only £350 return!

Flights from the UK to Cancun, Mexico, from only £350 return!British travellers can fly off to the Caribbean destination of Cancún, on the coast of Mexico for some really low prices. There best prices available are thanks to British Airways with the cheapest flights departing from Manchester for only £350 return! If you aren’t near Manchester you can find some low prices with SkyTeam too with departures from Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Birmingham with two layovers en route. Don’t forget that the British Airways sale from London is still live with direct flights to Mexico for £423 with both Mexico City and Cancún as destination options. All prices are for a roundtrip and inclusive of taxes, fees, and hand luggage. Checked luggage is available for an extra fee.


The cheapest fares we found were for flights departing the UK to Cancún departing Sunday to Thursday between January to March, 25th April to 21st May, and 25th October to 10th December 2020. Maximum stay of 3 months. No bag in the hold in the base fare. Booking conditions will vary by origin airport.

This British Airways promo sale is available until the 3rd of February or until sold out. To book, you can go directly to the airline or check with your preferred travel agent.


Booking sample 

Cheap flights from the UK to Cancún from £350 return (booking with the airline)

Manchester to Cancun for £350

Newcastle to Cancun for £370

Edinburgh to Cancun for £380

Glasgow to Cancun for £393

Birmingham to Cancun for £446

London to Cancun for £423 (non-stop)


Other dates are available! Check the calendar options on your booking website to find the best dates for you.


Booking sample of cheap flights from the UK to Cancún from £350! As per our booking your outbound flight from Manchester to Mexico would be on the 11th of March returning on the 24th of March 2020.

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