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Caribbean – Cheap return flights to Puerto Rico €359!

Caribbean - Cheap return flights to Puerto Rico €359!Today we have another attractive deal for trallers in Benelux or France or those of you that can easily reach Amsterdam, Paris or Spain. This time you may consider to visit exotic Caribbean isle Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands next main tourist season. Flights based on American Airlines and their parthers. Return flights are now starting at just €359! Look for flights either to San Juan (Puerto Rico) or Saint Thomas (US Virgin Islands). Considering the flights are available next main tourist season in Caribbean this is another awesome fare…



Boking these promotional flights with American Airlines and their parthers are available in travel period between 1st of November and 15th of December 2015 and from January till June 2016. Max stay 3 months and booking has to be done till 10th of September 2015. Do not forget to issue ESTA or US visa before your flight..


Before you book – please note that also as per our below booking sample you can see that the lowest fare is based on two layovers on your way to Caribbean. For just few Euro more you may book much more convenient routing and transit time so make sure you book proper flight..


Booking samples

Amsterdam – Puerto Rico from €359

Amsterdam – US Virgin Islands from €399


Paris – Puerto Rico from €389

Paris – US Virgin Islands from €402

Spain – Puerto Rico from €361


Amsterdam/Paris – Hawaii from €394

Amsterdam/Paris – US West Coast from €389

Amsterdam/Paris – Alaska from €404


We recommend to use Skyscanner to quickly find out the cheapest connection flight from your home city. Booking sample to Caribbean – Cheap return flights to Puerto Rico €359! In this case you would be departing from Amsterdam to San Juan on 27th of February 2016. You would be returning back from tropical Caribbean to Europe on 5th of March 2016. Please note that for just €5 more you may book your flight to Caribbean with just one short layover in USA. Make sure that you choose proper flight to Caribbean…

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