Cheap British Airways flights Lux – Canada – UK from £244!

Cheap British Airways flights Lux - Canada - UK from £254!

British Airways are offering another interesting routing this time cheap open jaw flights to Canada. If interested in this deal please look for tickets departing from Benelux – either Luxembourg or for a slightly higher fare from Brussels – to Montreal. You would be then returning from Toronto to UK. You may either choose to return back to London, Edinburgh or Glasgow. The cheapest British Airways flights from Lux to Canada returning to UK are now starting at £244..




Please note that to reach the cheapest fare to Canada available you have to look for flights returning back with layover in USA (New York or Chicag). Remember that you would need US visa or ESTA certification to book these open jaw tickets.. If you consider to book your ticket based on this British Airways promotional sale please look for travel dates between end of August and December 2015 and from January till end of March 2016. (Based on date of your outbound flight to Canada).


This British Airways sale is valid for bookings made till 15th of July 2015. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which airlines are available from your hometown. Please refer to below booking samples if interested in this British Airways deal to Canada.


Cheap British Airways flights Lux – Canada – UK from £254!

Booking samples

Dublin – Montreal and Toronto – UK from £253

Luxembourg/Brussels – Montreal and Toronto – London for £247

Luxembourg/Brussels – Montreal and Toronto – Edinburgh/Glasgow for 244


Dublin – Montreal from €384

Brussels – Montreal from €364

Luxembourg – Montreal for €353


Travel date samples (based on route Lux – Canada – London)

16. – 28.9.

8. – 16.11.

7. – 15.12.2015

11. – 26.1.2016

10. – 23.2.


Another available British Airways promotional deals

UK – New York from £212

Bangkok in main tourist season from £246/€347

Kuala Lumpur/Singapore from £249/€351

Mauritius from €450!

London to Iceland from £87 (main tourist season 2016)


Booking sample of cheap British Airways flights Lux – Canada – UK from £244! In this case you would be departing from Luxembourg to Montreal on 17th of September. You would be then returning back from Toronto to London on 28th of September 2015.

Cheap British Airways flights Lux - Canada - UK from £244!

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