Cheap flights to tropical island Reunion from France from €374!

Cheap flights to tropical island Reunion from France from €477!Amazing tropical island Reunion, located in Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar (Reunion is overseas department of France thus also part of EU) is a perfect destination to most of travelers – no matter you want to hang out on beautiful beaches, try active water sports, scuba diving, you are nature lover or you prefer treks between jungle and volcanoes the isle Reunion can satisfy you in any case. Carrier XL Airways currently offers cheap flights to this exotic paradise when departing from France (Paris, Toulouse, Marseill,e Lyon), flights to Saint Denis are available from €374!  (Inluding checked bag).



Travel dates vary by each origin city simply follow below links to see all available dates at the lowest fare. For example to reach the lowest fare available from Paris you have to look for limited travel options in February, to June also in September and October 2018.  This also means that you can visit this incredible isle also at the beginning of main tourist season. Please refer to below booking samples and travel date options based on non-stop flights ex Marseille or Lyon. Flights from Paris have one short layover on your way. Reunion definitely does not belong to backpackers destinations, You can check what to expect for an accommodation in Saint Denis via


Booking samples

Paris – Reunion from €374 –  Travel dates here

Toulouse – Reunion from €460  –  Travel dates here

Marseille – Reunion from €464  –  Travel dates here

Lyon – Reunion from €466  –  Travel dates here


Travel dates.: Fastest would be to compare here at XL Airways website as it vary by each of the origin city in France.


The easiest way to check your connection possibilities is through Skyscanner. This tool gives you quickly a rough idea which low-cost airlines are connecting your home town. Flights to Reunion are also bookable directly with XL Airways but for a higher fare.


Booking sample of cheap return flights to tropical island Reunion from France for €374. In this case you would be departing from Paris to Reunion St Denis on 27th of August. Your return flights from Reunion back to France takes place on 6th of September 2018.

Cheap flights to tropical island Reunion from France from €374!

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