*GIGA POST* Cheap flights from Balkan countries to the Middle East from €145 or (South East) Asia from €311!

Cheap flights from Ljubljana to Bangkok, China or Jakarta from €322! Excellent deal for travelers in Slovenia heading to (South East) Asia next winter season! If you are flexible and can book your next flight a lot in advance check out this promotion with top-ranked Turkish Airlines from Zagreb, Sofia, Belgrade, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Sarajevo or Skopje to the Middle East or (South East) Asia! Fly cheap to cities such as Dubai, Muscat, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City. Kuala Lumpur. Singapore, Jakarta, Tokyo, Maldives or Bali available from €368! Fare is including all taxes, meals and checked luggage.. Hurry up with this one it will surely not last long…



If interested look for flights departing from Slovenia to Asia from September to the beginning of December 2020. Blackout period around Easter, Summer or Christmas Holidays. Max stay for 3 months. Book this Turkish Airlines promotion by the 23rd of March however, in this case, we expect it will last just a few days (if not hours..). Below you can refer to our booking samples if we will find some more interesting routes that will surely add it to the article…Need an affordable hotel in South East Asia to book your accommodation via Booking.com or Hotels.com.


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Booking samples  –  Compare all travel dates

Zagreb – Dubai from €145

Zagreb – Oman from €166

Zagreb – Sri Lanka from €311

Zagreb – Bali from €335 

Zagreb – Jakarta from €348

Zagreb – Bangkok from €366

Zagreb – Kuala Lumpur from €374

Zagreb – Ho Chi Minh City from €358

Zagreb – Singapore from €398

Zagreb – Tokyo from €400


Ljubljana – Dubai from €151

Ljubljana – Oman from €170

Ljubljana – Bangkok from €351

Ljubljana – Bali from €376

Ljubljana – Jakarta from €385

Ljubljana – Ho Chi Minh City from €380

Ljubljana – Kuala Lumpur from €394

Ljubljana – Sri Lanka from €394

Ljubljana – Singapore from €405

Ljubljana – Tokyo from €405


Sofia – Phuket from €349

Sofia – Sri Lanka from €350

Sofia – Zanzibar from €350

Sofia – Kuala Lumpur from €351

Sofia – Ho Chi Minh City from €350

Sofia – Singapore from €395

Sofia – Tokyo from €395

Sofia – Bangkok from €398

Sofia – Bali from €444


Belgrade – Bangkok from €349

Belgrade – Sri Lanka from €350

Belgrade – Tokyo from €375

Belgrade – Singapore from €390

Belgrade – Kuala Lumpur from €390

Belgrade – Jakarta from €431

Belgrade – Bali from €444


Sarajevo – Phuket from €351

Sarajevo  -Sri Lanka from €351

Sarajevo – Bangkok from €395


Bucharest – Sri Lanka from €378

Bucharest – Phuket from €351

Bucharest – Bangkok from €424


Skopje – Bangkok from €351

Skopje – Singapore from €370

Skopje – Maldives from €394

Skopje – Phuket from €395

Skopje – Bali from €443


Booking sample of cheap flights from Balkan countries to the Middle East from €145 or (South East) Asia from €311!! In this case you would depart from Zagreb to Denpasar Bali via Istanbul on the 26th of May. Return from South East Asia back to Europe on the 9th of June 2020.

Cheap flights from Balkan countries to the Middle East from €145 or (South East) Asia from €311!

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