Cheap flights to Caribbean isle Puerto Rico from Europe from €271!

Cheap flights to Caribbean isle Puerto Rico from Europe from €271!Amazing opportunity to visit beautiful Caribbean isle Puerto Rico is available thanks to current promotional tariff of Air Europa. Using their service you may book cheap open jaw flights to San Juan in Puerto Rico still this winter season already for €271! If interested please look for flights departing from Milan or Rome and returning back to various European countries such as Germany (Frankfurt, Munich) , London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona). You may also consider to book return flights from Italy already for €280.



Outbound dates vary based on the routing, if you choose departures ex Milan please look for dates of your outbound flight on Thursday or Sunday. Return flights has to be on Thursday or Sunday as well. Connection flights between all the European cities are operated by many low cost airlines. To make a basic idea how to connect Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam or main airports in Germany from your hometown you may use service of Skyscanner. ESTA certificate is required to visit this Caribbean isle. As this is possible error fare please book your connection flight and accommodation only once you get etickets by mail.


Booking samples

Italy – Puerto Rico for €280

Germany – Puerto Rico for €389

London – Puerto Rico for £305

Spain – Puerto Rico for €335

Paris – Puerto Rico for €334

Amsterdam/Brussels – Puerto Rico for €340


Milan/Rome – Puerto Rico – Germany from €282

Milan/Rome – Puerto Rico – London from £227

Milan/Rome – Puerto Rico – Amsterdam from €276   (+€22 booking fee)

Milan/Rome – Puerto Rico – Brussels for €277   (+€22 booking fee)

Milan/Rome – Puerto Rico – Copenhagen for €283

Milan/Rome – Puerto Rico – Paris for €282

Milan/Rome – Puerto Rico – Madrid from €271




Promotional tariff with Air Europa allows to book to these flights in travel period till 26th of March 2015. This is based on latest date of your return flight from Caribbean back to Europe. Booking has to be done till 18th of January or until fixed. Caribbean isles definitely do not belong to classic beach destinations. If you want to compare hotel rooms offered by leading booking sites you may check here.


Booking sample of cheap flights to Puerto Rico in Caribbean from Europe for €271. In this case you would be departing from Milan to Puerto Rico on 8th of March. Your return flight would be then on 19th of March from Caribbean back to Madrid.

Cheap flights to Caribbean isle Puerto Rico from Europe from €271!


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