Cheap flights Europe to Lesotho, the “Kingdom in the Sky”, from €559!

Cheap flights Europe to Lesotho, the "Kingdom in the Sky", from €559!Classic return flights from Europe to Lesotho are usually way too expensive and you better book flights to Johannesburg from there separate ticket to Maseru. Take this very rare opportunity to book greatly discounted return flights from Switzerland (Basel, Geneva, Zurich) or Dublin to Maseru and explore the “Kingdom in the Sky” also in local peak season. (Lesotho is the only country in the world whose lowest elevation is above 1000 metres). Cheap flights Europe to Lesotho are now available already for €559! Deal is based on Virgin Atlantic promotion (with help of British Airwys and South African Airways).



Current Virgin Atlantic / British Airways promo tariff allows to book the cheapest flights when departing from Europe to Maseru, capital and the largest city of Lesotho, between 22nd of January and 27th of March or 10th of Septembrer to 20th of November 2018. A bit more expensive but still competitive when traveling from April to June. Max stay 12 months. Discount is available till 4th of February or until the cheapest seats are available..Below you can find our booking sample from each of the origin city. If you will book this flight you surely need an accommodation in there. We recommend to use or Agoda.


Booking samples

Basel – Maseru, Lesotho from €559

Zurich – Maseru, Lesotho from €578

Geneva – Maseru, Lesotho from €579

Dublin- Maseru, Lesotho from €595


Travel samples

22.1. – 5.2.

28.1. – 12.2.

4. – 14.2.

23.2. – 9.3.

25.2. – 11.3.

11. – 21.2.

2. – 16.3.

11. – 25.3.

18.3. – 1.4.

15. – 29.9.

22.9. – 8.10.

13. – 28.10.

10. – 25.11.

17.11. – 2.12.


Booking sample of our solution from Europe to Maseru in Lesotho already for €559 return below. In this case you would depart from Basel to this African country on 11th of March. Your inbound flight from this remote and unique destination would be then on 23rd of March 2018.

Cheap flights Europe to Lesotho, the "Kingdom in the Sky", from €559!

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