Cheap flights from Brussels to Edmonton or Vancouver from €331/€411!

Cheap flights from Brussels to Edmonton or Vancouver from €331/€411!Another great deal based on KLM promotional offer when departing from Brussels railways station are cheap return flights to Western part of Canada – either Edmonton or Vancouver. Round trip tickets are available already for just €331 ( Edmonton) or €414 (Vancouver). Another alternative would be to book an open-jaw ticket which is a great solution if you want to travel Canada without need to return to the airport of arrival. Based on similar routing from Benelux you may also consider still valid super cheap return flights to Brazil already for €313!



Brussels is easily reachable from most of European cities thanks to various low-cost carriers. In case of interest please refer to booking samples below. You can find these cheap flights to Canada in travel peridon between 1st of April till 24th of June 2015. This is based on date of your outbound flight to Canada. If you are look for the cheapest solution to this part of North America this is right time to book. Do not forget to issue ESTA Certification before your travel begins. To book your accommodation in Canada you may use our tool comparing hotel rooms offered by leading booking sites.


Before you book – The cheapest flights to Canada are available when departing from Brussels Midi Station by railway to Amsterdam (via Antwerp). In both cases you can not skip first leg of your outbound journey otherwise your ticket would be voided.  You may however skip the last leg when you return back from Amsterdam, we recommend this only if you travel with hand luggage. Flights to Edmonton are routed via Minneapolis so either US visa or ESTA certificate would be required. Please refer to below booking samples if interested in this amazing promotion from KLM.


Booking samples

DE  –  Brussels – Edmonton for €331

NL –   Brussels – Edmonton for €345  (+€22 booking fee)

EN  –  Brussels – Edmonton for £248


DE  –  Brussels – Vancouver for €414

NL  –  Brussels – Vancouver for €423  (+€22 booking fee)

EN  –  Brussels – Vancouver for £305


Brussels – Edmonton and Vancouver – Brussels for €381


To check your connection possibilities to Brussels from your home town you may compare best options through Skyscanner. Travel dates – outbound flights are permited from Monday to Thursday. You are a bit more flexible on date of your return flight and for a bit higher fare you may consider to return even during weekend days.


Booking sample of cheap return flights to Canada for €331. In this case you would be departing from Brussels to Edmonton on 6th of May and returning from North America back to Europe on 19h of May 2015.

Cheap flights from Brussels to Edmonton or Vancouver from €331/€411!

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