Many cities in Europe to Accra, Ghana from £244 or €234 return!

Many cities in Europe to Accra, Ghana from £244 or €234 return!


We have another attractive deal to Africa with TAP Portugal for you this time to Ghana. Look for flights from France (Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon or Paris)… From Germany, you can fly from cities such as Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg. Italy from Milan or Rome also from the UK (London, Manchester), Dublin, Benelux, Spain, Switzerland, Stockholm or Vienna. Return flights are available for as little as £244 or €234. Remember that as in previous cases there is no checked luggage included in base fare. Ghana is full of friendly and welcoming people. It is a great choice if it will be your first time travelling to Africa…


If interested in this discount deal with TAP Portugal you will find the cheapest flights when departing from Europe to Accra, Ghana from January to June 2021. Stopovers in Portugal available – max 120 hours.

TAP promo sale has no information regarding the end date so book soon to avoid disappointment. You can then book this deal directly with TAP Portugal or your preferred booking agent. If interested in this offer you can refer to our booking samples below.


Booking samples

London – Lisbon – Ghana – London from £244

London – Ghana from £292

Manchester – Lisbon – Ghana – Manchester from £248

Manchester – Ghana from £303

Dublin – Ghana from €418


Brussels – Ghana from €286

Amsterdam – Ghana from €328

Luxembourg – Ghana from €376


Italy – Ghana from €234

France – Ghana from €252

Spain – Ghana from €277

Germany – Ghana from €283

Switzerland – Ghana from €342

Vienna – Ghana from €352

Stockholm – Ghana from €375


Plenty of dates are available. Check the calendar option on your preferred booking agent.


Booking sample of TAP Portugal Cheap flights from Europe to Accra, Ghana from £244 or €234! In this case, you would fly from Bologna to Ghana on the 7th of May (with a stop in Lisbon on your way). Your return flight from Africa back to Europe would be then on the 22nd of May 2021.

Many cities in Europe to Accra, Ghana from £244 or €234 return!

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