Cheap flights from Europe to Japanese islands of Ishigaki, Miyako-jima or Okinawa from €448!

Cheap flights from Europe to Japanese islands of Ishigaki, Miyako-jima or Okinawa from €448!Want to visit part of Japan off beaten track consider these return flights to various tropical isles in Okinawa, the southernmost Japanese prefecture. Flights to isle of Ishigaki, Miyako-jima or Naha (Okinawa main isle) are now available from €448. Deal os based on 5* All Nippon Airways and various carriers such as Lufthansa, British Airways, Finnair or Air France. (E.g. from Brussels you can coose flights where an international flight is operated by top ranked All Nippon Airways, usually fairly expensice carrier). Fare is including all taxes and fees and checked bag. Flights require longer layover in Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya on your way which is a good opportunity to visit the city and/or refresh before your next flight. (Unfortunately stop-over in these cities is not available). 



Please note that rainy season in this part of Japan starts in second half of May and usually lasts from two to four weeks. Typhoon season is starting in July. Consider this when planning your trip. If interested in this ANA / Lufthansa promo offer look for limited availability between second half of May and beginning of July 2018. (Based on latest date of your inbound flight from Japan to Europe).


Booking samples

At this moment the cheapest option is available from Brussels, Luxembourg, Budapest or main airports in Germany. However you can depart from many other European airports. (Such as London, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Warsaw, Riga, Vilnius, Tallin, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen when fares are starting slightly over €500. However in most of the cases airport change in Japan is required.

Brussels – Ishigaki from €448

Brussels – Miyako-jima from €459

Brussels – Okinawa Naha from €464


Germany – Ishigaki from €468

Germany – Miyako-jima from €468


Luxembourg – Miyakojima / Ishigaki from €464

Budapest – Miyakojima / Ishigaki from €469


To check your connection possibilities we recommend to use service of Skyscanner. This tool gives you quickly an idea which airlines are available from your home town. You may consider to book some affordable accommodation via booking servers such as Agoda, or


Booking sample of ANA / Lufthansa discounted deals to remoted part of Japan below.  This time we have selected solution to Japanese isle of Miyako-jima as it is probably the most interesting deal (cost wise) of this All Nippon Airways / Lufthansa promotional sale. Very cheap return flights on two 5-star airlines are now available from €459. You would depart from Brussels to Miyako-jima on 17th of June. Your inbound flight from this tropical isle in Japan back to Europe would be then on 2nd of July 2018. In this case your outbound international flight from Belgium to Tokyo Haneda is operated by 5* All Nippon Airways. This is great opportunity to experience great service of this top ranked (and usually very expensive) carrier.

Cheap flights from Europe to Japanese islands of Ishigaki, Miyako-jima or Okinawa from €448!

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