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Jun 27

Cheap flights from Europe to Lake Baikal from €277!

Cheap flights from Europe to Lake Baikal from €277!Lake Baikal, the world´s oldest and deepest freshwater lake and its surrounding area is possible to explore thanks to Russian flag carrier Aeroflot. Roundtrip flights also at the end of summer are available already from €277! To book the cheapest flights to Irkutsk you have to look for departures from Budapest but we are adding also some good options from other European cities such as Helsinki, Vienna, Oslo, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Riga, Belgrade or Bucharest.



Lake Baikal is the most famoust natural sight in Russia, an unique place to visit for all that are looking for amazing virgin nature rather than classic beach holidays. More than 300 streams and rivers flow into Lake Baikal, but there is just one outlet, the Angara. More than half the species found in Lake Baikal are unique to this place. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which low-cost airline is connected from your hometown. Booking your hotel in Russia in advance you can use Booking.com or consider following promo codes that offer Hotels.com, Hotelopia or Amoma.


if interested in this deal with SkyTeam membrer Aeroflot look for flights between September 2017 and March 2018. In some cases including flights over Christmas holidays. (If you dare..). Travel dates vary by each of the Europan origin but you can easily compare here at Aeroflot website.


Booking samples

Budapest – Irkutsk from €278

Vienna – Irkutsk from €332

Belgrade – Irkutsk from €389

Bucharest – Irkutsk from €420


Berlin – Irkutsk from €357  

Dusseldorf – Irkutsk from €364

Munich – Irkutsk from €379


Brussels – Irkutsk from €398

Paris – Irkutsk from €418

Amsterdam – Irkutsk from €419


Helsinki – Irkutsk from €327

Vilnius – Irkutsk from €329

Tallin – Irkutsk from €376

Riga – Irkutsk from €379

Oslo – Irkutsk from €380


Booking sample of cheap flights from Europe to Lake Baikal from €277! In this case you would be departing from Budapest to Irkutsk on 7th of September and returning to Hungary on Sunday, 17th of September 2017.

Cheap flights from Europe to Lake Baikal from €277!