Cheap flights from Germany to Panama City from €369 return!

Cheap flights from Germany to Panama City from €374 return!Two carriers currently offer competitive solution from main airports in Germany to Panama. The cheapest solution is based on Air Europa (SkyTeam) when departing from Dusseldorf, Munich or Frankfurt. You can book return flights to Panama City already for €369. Another options would be with Iberia (Oneworld) where the cheapest options is available from €388. Except abovementioned cities you can also depart from Hamburg, Berlin or Stuttgart. The advantage is that flights are also available when traveling on Saturday which is usually the most expensive day of the week..On the other hand some of the flights long layover in Madrid on your outbound flight. Note that both options are inclusive of all taxes however there is no longer checked in luggage in base fare and you would have to purchase separately..



Both Air Europa and Iberia promotions have almost same conditions. Look for flights in travel period in June or 1st of September 2019 to 29th of February 2020. (Also latest date of your inbound flight from Panama). Max stay 3 months. Discount on this route is running till 9th of April or until the cheapest seats last..


Travel dates.: The fastest would be to check all the cheapest flights at Google Flights (Guide). The tool gives you almost instant result and you can easily browse throughout all the months. You can also check (or book) Iberia deal directly at website of the airlines as the website allows +-3 days view. Below you can refer to our booking samples on each of the available routes from Germany to Panama.


Booking samples

Air Europa

Dusseldorf – Panama from €369

Munich – Panama from €379

Frankfurt – Panama from €383



Berlin – Panama from €388

Hamburg – Panama from €393

Stuttgart – Panama from €396


We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which low-cost airline is connected from your hometown.  If you need to compare affordable accommodation in Panama City consider service of leading hotel booking sites such as or


Booking sample of cheap flights from Germany to Panama City from €369 return! In this case you would fly from Dusseldorf to Panama on 10th of November. Inbound flight from this country of Central America back to Germany on 26th of November 2019.

Cheap flights from Germany to Panama City from €369 return!

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