Cheap flights from London to Kilimanjaro (+ Istanbul) from £315!

Cheap flights from London to Kilimanjaro (+ Istanbul) from £299!Exploring beautiful Tanzania is possible thanks to our solution based on Turkish Airlines. Return flights from London to Kilimanjaro with (at least) one day stop in Istanbul is now available from £315! This is including all charges and fees and checked luggage. On top of that, you can also book open-jaw flights e.g. to Uganda and returning from Tanzania for a similar price giving you a great chance to explore this part of Eastern Africa…



We recommend checking all the requirements to enter the country and needful vaccination prior to booking. (i.e. there is low potential to exposure to Yellow Fewer virus but you may be asked to provide proof of vaccination at the airport or when going to/from Zanzibar Islands.). You will find the cheapest flights in the travel period from March to May 2020. Date of your outbound flight from the UK. Blackout dates over Christmas. Max stay for 4 months. That means you may use this promotional sale also for cheap flights to Kilimanjaro at the end of main tourist season 2019/2020! This Turkish Airlines promotional sale is valid for bookings made until the 30th of March or until sold out.


The easiest way how to check your connection possibilities is to use Skyscanner. This tool gives you easily a rough idea of which low-cost airlines are connecting your hometown with London. Need accommodation in Africa we recommend the service of or consider following promo code that offers or


Booking samples  

London – Istanbul – Kilimanjaro – London from £315


Travel samples

18.3. – 19.3. – 5.4.

12.4. – 13.4. – 28.4.

15.4. – 16.4. – 30.4.

21.4. – 23.4. – 5.5.

28.4. – 29.4. – 10.5.

3.5. – 4.5. – 14.5.

10.5. – 11.5. – 19.5.

17.5. – 18.5. – 4.6.

27.5. – 28.5. – 11.6.


Booking sample of cheap Cheap flights from London to Kilimanjaro (+ Istanbul) from £315! In this case, you would be flying from the UK to Istanbul on the 12th of April. One day after you would depart to Tanzania. Your return flight from Africa back to London would be then on the 28th of April 2020.

Cheap flights from London to Kilimanjaro (+ Istanbul) from £315!

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