Cheap Canary islands flights from London from only £16 return! (Sep to Dec 2020)

Cheap Canary islands flights from London from only £16 return!


There are cheap flights to Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Fuerteventura or Tenerife in the  Canary Islands when traveling from London from £16 for a round trip. Bargain winter sunshine is possible thanks to budget airlines Ryanair or WIZZ Air. Flights depart from London Stansted (Ryanair) and London Luton (Wizzair) airport for these flights. The cheapest WizzAir fares are possible when you are part of the “Discount Club” membership scheme WIZZ offer. However, you can still get bargain seats for £26 return if you’re not. We’ve found flight dates throughout the coming months! All prices are for a roundtrip and inclusive of taxes and fees. Hand luggage and checked luggage is available for an additional fee.


If you are interested in cheap flights departing London to the Canary Islands we found the best deals from September to December 2020. There are no details on the end of this deal; many low-cost carrier flights have a small number of tickets for a low price such as this so we advise booking as soon as possible if you are interested. You can book this deal directly with Ryanair or WIZZ, or through your preferred travel agent. Please see our booking samples below if you are interested in this deal.



Fare class is Standard. Upgrading to have baggage is a Plus fare which allows you to have priority seating (board the plane earlier), a cabin bag, reserved seating and a 20kg checked bag. The Plus fare is an optional add on for each way so you could travel Standard outbound and do some shopping then return with a Plus ticket and luggage inbound.



With WIZZ, the fare class is Standard. Fare class is Basic. The cheapest price is available when booking with the WIZZ Discount Club which you can join from €39.99 for a year’s membership for 2 people. The membership is not required for bookings although you will pay slightly more for your flights. Full details of the WIZZ Discount Club benefits can be found here.


Booking sample


London to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for £18  (or without WDC from £36)

London to Fuerteventura for £18  (or without WDC from £26)

London to Lanzarote for £18 (or without WDC from £36)

London to Tenerife for £32  (or without WDC from £50)



London to Lanzarote for £16

London to Tenerife for £18

London to Fuerteventura for £19

London to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for £20


Plenty of other dates are available for a slightly higher price. Make use of the calendar features for the best dates that suit you best!


Booking sample of cheap flights from London to the Canary Islands from £16! As per our booking your outbound flight from London Stansted to Lanzarote be on the 23rd of September returning on the 30th of September 2020.

Cheap Canary islands flights from London from only £16 return!

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