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Jan 23

Cheap flights to Madagascar – Dublin to Antananarivo from €675 (Ł554)!

Cheap flights to Madagascar - Dublin to Antananarivo Madagascar is indeed one of the dream destinations of many travellers. Unfortunately also due to low competition the airfare usually starts at €1000 and up from most of the European cities. Therefore any offer for reasonable price is always welcomed. This time based on Air France promotion we are allowed to book cheap flights between Dublin and Antananarivo, capital and the largest city of Madagascar. Many travel options are currently available for just €675 (Ł554)..!




Legendary Madagascar, 4th largest island on the Earth, with its pristine beaches, unique fauna and flora, enthralling landscape still yet with many spots untouched by classic tourism makes this island, located in Indian ocean (East of Africa coast), a dream destination to vast majority of tourists seeking for exotic holidays. The only blemish is no offer of cheap flights from Europe…It is hard to say which of the season is the best for visiting Madagascar. Every year period has its own advantages and disadvangages. Madagascar is however one of the destinations that will surely offer an extensive experience whenever you will arrive there. (however from January till March its commonly not recommended to go there due to possible cyclones).


Where to book and travel period

there is currently many travel options till end of June 2014 (date of your outbound flight to Madagascar).

Booking sample Dublin – Antananarivo (Madagascar) for €675 here


The fastest way to check connection flight between Dublin and your hometown is through Skyscanner. Thanks to Dublin is homecity to low-cost airline Ryanair there should be easy to find cheap connecting solution from various European cities.


Booking sample of a flight from Ireland to Madagascar for €675 below. In this case you would be leaving from Dublin to Madagascar on 1st of April and reuturning back to Europe from Antananarivo on 25th of April 2014.

Tips for cheap flights to Madagascar - Dublin to Antananarivo 675