Flights from Madrid to Central America from only €358 return! (Oct 20 – Mar 21)

RED HOT! Flights from Madrid to Central America from only €320 return!This is a great deal if you are able to get to Madrid airport and are looking to fly to Central America! We have spotted flights with SkyTeam member AeroMexico, the flag carrier of Mexico, to multiple countries in Central America for only €358 return! There are cheap flights that can take you to Guatemala City (Guatemala), San Salvador (El Salvador), San Pedro Sula (Honduras), Managua (Nicaragua) and San Jose (Costa Rica) for low low prices. As you are traveling with AeroMexico, you will have a layover in Mexico City en route to and from your Central American country. Flights to this part of the world from Europe are rarely this low, so consider this as an option even if you are not from Spain and can be flexible with your travel. These fares include all taxes, fees, in-flight meals, and hand luggage. Checked luggage is available for an additional fee.


If you are interested in flying from Madrid to Central America with this AeroMexico deal, the best travel dates are departing Spain from late October 2020 to March 2021. Max stay of 12 months. Availability may vary depending on your chosen destination city.

There are no specified end dates for this sale that we can find. At prices this low, we would expect it to sell out fast so make sure to book ASAP if you are interested. You can book tickets on the airline’s website or with your preferred travel agent.


Booking samples

Madrid to San Salvador from €358

Madrid to Guatemala City from €369

Madrid to San Pedro Sula, Honduras from €381

Madrid to Managua, Nicaragua from €381

Madrid to San Jose, Costa Rica from €390


Other dates are available. Make sure to use the calendar options on your booking website to find the best dates for you.


Booking sample of cheap flights from Madrid to Central America from €358 return. In our sample, you will leave Spain on the 11th of February to San Salvador, returning to Europe from el Salvador on the 19th of February 2021.

Flights from Madrid to Central America from only €358 return! (Aug 20 - Mar 21)

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